Israeli ambassador to Turkey Gabi Levy was pelted with eggs on Wednesday. The culprit was a mob of Turkish university students, according to various reports.

Israeli Ambassador Gabi Levi was attacked by an Islamic mob in Turkey.

Turkish daily Hurriyet reported that during Levy’s visit to the Black Sea Technical University, a group of students congregated around him, shouting slogans such as «Israel’s child killers are not wanted in our universities», and hurled eggs into his van until university security personnel intervened.

Several students were arrested, and the ambassador was forced to cut short his visit to the institution. The ambassador was slated to speak at the university during a tour of the historic Turkish city of Trabzon.

«The people of Israel have a great interest in the [Black Sea] region» Levy was quoted as saying, referring in his speech to the influx of Israeli tourism in the area.

Also during Levy’s Black Sea visit, the mayor of the coastal city of Rize, Halil Bakirci, criticized Israel’s «policy of occupation» and said that Turkey’s stance on Israel would «not change as long as it continues», according to a report in Turkish publication Turkiye.

Foreign Ministry Director-General Yossi Gal called the incident “an unfortunate public disturbance” in an interview with Channel 10 conducted Wednesday.

Source: Multiple souces.

My comment:

Islamic mob in Turkey taken care of by secret police after attack on Israeli ambassador.

The genocide of Jews in Germany started with public anti-Jewish demonstrations during the depression. Later the Nazi party authorized attacks on Jews. First «light» attacks in form of public humiliations, later in form of violent attacks and looting.

Any racist attack on Jewish people that is not forcefully stopped in its infancy, will sooner or later end with arson and murders. Turkey has joint the group of Jew-hating nations. A colorful form of neo-Fascism shall again try to rule the planet, just before the return of the Messiah.