Battle for Jewish homes in East Jerusalem againts theft promoted by Islam

Dozens of Jews, armed with a court ruling of Jewish ownership,  took up residence in a home previously occupied by an Arab family.

Muslims occupy Jewish properties in East Jerusalem. Obama supports them.

The ongoing battle over 28 homes in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah continued on Tuesday.

Israeli police said the Jews are right-wing activists but confirmed the court order was a valid document of ownership. Some local Arab residents and human rights activists who came to protest were arrested.

The Arab family plans to remain in a separate section of the building while the Jews plan to live in a section of the property that has been vacant. Nearly 30 Arab families were allowed to move into homes built on “formerly Jewish property” in exchange for forfeiting their refugee aid in 1956.

The legal battle for the homes first began in 1967 when a document was produced proving the land belonged to Jews prior to 1948, when the Jordanian government started seizing property. In 1972 the court also confirmed the land belonged to Jews, but allowed Palestinian families to continue residing in the homes as long as they paid rent to the original owners.

Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Israel to “cease such provocative actions” such as demolishing Palestinian homes, evicting Palestinian families and allowing settlers into Palestinian neighborhoods.

Source: and Reuters.

My comment:

The true occupation of Jerusalem is Arab tenants who refuse to leave Jewish properties after the contract is over.

The Arab Palestinian leadership has authorized such occupation. Even in the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, the Arabs construction workers have been told by their Islamic leaders:

«Let the Jews have these house for some time. Allah will One day force them to hand the keys over to us».

Now, the expected Christian from a Methodist Church, Hillary Clinton, have become a tool for Islam, telling us that the Arabs have a right to rob Jewish properties. This is theft. Nothing more, nothing less.

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