Two faced Clinton play double game in the Middle East

«The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements».

Hillary Clinton pleases Benjamin Netanyahu one day, and ditches him the very next.
Hillary Clinton praises Benjamin Netanyahu one day, and ditches him the very next.

This is the words of US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday. In the face of Arab and Palestinian criticism, she back-pedalled slightly on the rousing endorsement she gave Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s settlement policy during her brief trip to Israel on Saturday.

Speaking to reporters in Morocco, she said:
«The Obama administration’s position on settlements is clear, unequivocal and it has not changed. As the president has said on many occasions, the United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements», Clinton said.

She and US special envoy George Mitchell both visited Israel this weekend in hopes of jump-starting the stalled Israeli Palestinian peace talks, but left without any public evidence of progress.

The Prime Minister’s office refused to comment on Monday’s meeting.

Netanyahu has agreed to sit down with the Palestinians without any preconditions, while Abbas has insisted that Israel must halt construction in the settlements before he will talk about peace with the Israelis.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Its always comfortable to agree with the last person you have spoken too. When Hillary Clinton is in Israel she will tell what the Jews would like to hear. But the very next day, when she meet Muslims, she gave them the message their wanted to hear.

This makes it impossible to believe what Hillary Clinton really mean. I guess: Just like Obama, she just wants to become popular everywhere.

Put in the Middle East thats not possible, When both Jews and Muslims claims the same land: One of them is right, and the other is wrong.

When Hillary Clinton raises question about the «legitimacy of settlements» she hits the very heart of Zionism. He basically accuses God of the Bible of being a liar.

She also tells the World that the US have already made up her mind. There is basically nothing to negotiate about. Clinton could have said: «Both sides needs to discuss the legitimacy of the settlements». Hillary Clinton did not say that.

That is a very dangerous stand by the US Government, that might cost the American people their blessings that have come their way by earlier standing with Israel against the lies of Islam.

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