«Purpose Driven Church new great treat to Israel»

The Purpose Driven Church of Pastor Rick Warren of Saddelback Chuch in California is becoming a great treat to Israel.

Victor Mordecai warns against churches that promotes peace with Islam.

This is an letter of Opinion by Victor Mordecai, in the November issue of the Israeli Magazine Israel Today. Mordecai has written several books on Islam, and is preaching in both Churches and Synagogues.

After his last visit to the US, he feels the need to warn his readers about the Church Rick Warren is pastoring.

«In Churches that follows this ideology, including Calvary Chapels, Assemblies of God and non-denominational, it is no longer permitted to preach against Islam, homosexuality and abortion»

«In short, preaching the gospel of the Old Testament with its admonishment has become forbidden lest anyone be offended».

«Instead, these churches now provide a form of feel good entertainment, with no real ideological message. And Israel definitely is not on the agenda any more».

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

My comment:

I have earlier warned my readers that pastor Rick Warren has gone astray, and needs to repent. Victor Mordecai is just confirming what many Christians have been saying.

It is a sad state of affairs in churches all over the World. When Saddelback Chuch joined World Council of Churhes (WCC), the American mega Church joined the enemies of God of Israel and the Jewish people. And but it self against the will of the Messiah.

The WCC promotes a «Jesus», but this Jesus do not agree with God of the old Testament. Its a different «Jesus», a copy-cat that is no longer in aggrement with His Father God in Heaven.

«The Humanist gospel» preached by men like Rick Warren do have a «Jesus». He is a great moral teacher, and they claim He has died for our sins. But this «Jesus» does not permit His followers to tell the truth about false religions like Islam, and surely not that Jesus is the re-gatherer of the Jewish people, and the Spiritual force behind the restoration of the state of Israel.

Their denial of the truth might cost them everything.

Read more about Rick Warren`s views on Islam: Click here

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