Clinton confirms: Netanyahu-Abbas 1-0. Jewish settlers to stay

Jewish settlers can stay. But their future will be a matter of negotiations. This is the new view of the Obama Administration, expressed by Hilary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has been able to convince the Obama administration to give Israel an important fresh breath of air.

The Arab Palestinian leadership seems to have been taken by surprise. «President Abbas rejected the offer because the understandings are completely unacceptable», explains Saeb Erekat. He is the chief Arab Palestinian negotiator.

Stopping construction in the settlements «has never been a precondition, it has always been an in issue within the negotiations», Clinton said at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

President Barack Hussein Obama started his term in office by taking Jewish security interest head on. Now, the new US Administration has taken a step in the direction of Jerusalem.

Israel can not compromise on her security. To ask the Jewish nation to leave Judea and Samaria, is like telling Jews that Zionism is a failure. That the land of Zion is not theirs, but belongs to a bunch of Islamic liars that tries to falsify both history and present facts.

The truth is that the majority of Arab Palestinians are envious of Israeli Arabs, who did stay when the «Zionist regime» was established in 1948. All sensible people in Israel, would like to be governed by committed Zionists. Simply because of their human, democratic and inclusive attitudes.

Look what Zionist Israel have achieved within 60 years of her existence. An compare it to the societies in the Arab World.

Its a 10-0 victory for the Jewish nation. And who are behind this?

A divine hand called God of the Bible. Without His protection, there would not have been an Israel and a Jewish people today.

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