London new hub for Islamic terrorists hunting down Israeli leaders

Israel’s deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon narrowly escaped arrest during an official visit to the United Kingdom earlier this week.

Banned from enetering the UK. Israels Deputy Foreign Danny Ayalon.
Israel’s deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon is no longer safe in London.

Pro-Palestinian activists attempted to invoke universal jurisdiction statutes to bring Ayalon to trial in connection with alleged IDF war crimes.

The news comes amid reports indicating a group of pro-Palestinian lawyers and activists in a number of European countries have developed lists of IDF officers who they want arrested based on claims of alleged war crimes during last winter’s Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip.

Ayalon was in London to give an address at the London School of Economics, and before he could begin a keffiya clad student stood up and started screaming abuse at him before being removed. In early October, Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon, a former chief of the IDF General Staff, was advised to decline an invitation to visit the UK to sp eak at a Jewish charity fund-raiser out of fear that he could be arrested on charges of war crimes.


My comment:

While the Israeli leaders now have to avoid paying United Kingdom a visit, dictators from all over the World can freely visit London and use the British capital to raise funds for their dirty business.

The United Kingdom have lost its moral compass.

What the former Global Imperialistic power abuser have done to Israel, can only be compared to what the former British leadership should have faced in the Middle East.

What about the state of Israel arresting Tony Blair when He enters the airport in Tel Aviv? The former British Prime Minister obviously should face war crimes changers for the bloody war Blair started in Iraq.

The International hypocrisy has reached a new high with the witch hunt on men like Danny Ayalon.

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