Swedish nationalist: «Muslims greatest threat since World War II»

«Muslims have increased their presence throughout Europe, whose larger cities and capitals in all likelihood will have a Muslim majority».

Jimmie Åkesson is anti-Muslim, and not pro-Israel.
Jimmie Åkesson is anti-Muslim, and not pro-Israel.

This is a statement in a letter to the editor of Aftonbladet, the same Swedish newspaper that published blood libel against the IDF. The Author is Jimmie Akesson, the leader of the Swedish nationalist political party named «Sverigedemokraterna», which means the Sweden Democrats.

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, which sparked a diplomatic crisis between Israel and Sweden by publishing an article accusing Israeli soldiers of plundering Palestinians’ organs, has fuelled a new row by printing an op-ed claiming that Muslims pose the greatest foreign threat to Swedish society since the Second World War.

«As a Sweden Democrat I see this [growing number of Muslims] as our greatest foreign threat since World War II and I promise to do everything in my power to end this tendency when we go to the elections next year», explains Åkesson.

Akesson’s main arguments against Islam are that the Koran lacks a new testament, that Muslims have a higher than average birth rate, and that the rootlessness caused by a multiethnic society is making “many second and third generation immigrants seek Islam as an identity creating, unifying force, and now we experience a process of radicalization among Muslim youth in Europe.”

«Twenty years ago, I think most Swedes would have had a many difficulties believing Islam would become Sweden’s second largest religion, that Swedish artists who criticize Islam would live under constant death threats, that ten or so terrorist organizations would be established in Sweden… that Swedish County Councils would spend tax payer’s money cutting off the foreskin of healthy young boys… that refrigerated counters in our supermarkets would offer ritually slaughtered meat at the same time as Swedish kindergartens cease to serve pork», Akesson wrote.

Some Swedish politicians are demanding that the Sweden Democrats be denied access to parliament, and the non-profit organization Centrum mot rasism (Center against racism) has even filed a suit with the Chancellor of Justice in Sweden calling for an indictment of the political party for persecuting an ethnic group.

Source:  The Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

When the supporters of freedom and liberty fail to support Israel, the anti-democratic forces in Europa tries to win lovers of Israel over on their side.

People who love Israel loves the truth. The truth is that God of the Bible also love the Muslims. But the same Bible who tell us to love every human being, exposes Islam as a false religion.

Let me warn you about Jimmie Åkesson. He is anti-Muslim, and not pro-Israel. Radical Right-wingers are in need of an enemy and a scape goat to promote violence. Because their way to power have always come in the after match of chaos. In the 1920-ties the Fascists used Jews as scapegoats. Now they mobilize their skinheads to fight «the Muslims».

Many right wingers like Åkesson do not support the Jewish state of Israel, neither do he believe in the Christian New Testament he correctly claims the Koran is missing. True Christians love Muslims, and want to see them saved by the Messiah.

The threat from Islam is real. But the answer to this threat is to put our trust in the Messiah. Not to promote the next religious war, that the fascists feels will bring them back in power in Europe.

Israel must also be careful not to endorse support from Fascists in Europa. Its another trap from the enemies of God of Israel and His Messiah.

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  1. Who says that Jimmie is not Pro-Israel? Where do you draw your facts from. Links etc. Exactly where do you get your information from that says Mr.Åkesson is in fact not pro-Israel? Hmmm?


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