Dahlan: «Hamas has bigger stock of lies than Netanyahu»

«Hamas has a bigger stock of lies than Netanyahu», Dahlan said during the press conference. The Fatah leader was referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mohammed Dahlan and Mahmoud Abbas gets USD in their pockets. Hamas get their funds from Syria and Iran.
Mohammed Dahlan and Mahmoud Abbas gets USD in their pockets. Hamas get their funds from Syria and Iran.

Hamas decided to delay the signing of a reconciliation treaty with Fatah due to pressure from Iran and Syria, Senior Fatah figure Mohammed Dahlan said Monday.

Dahlan, a member of Fatah’s Central Committee, told reporters in Ramallah that:

«Due to the nature of its relations with Iran and Syria, Hamas is finding it difficult to reach a decision and is impeding internal (Palestinian) reconciliation because of foreign interests».

Egypt has been struggling to broker a reconciliation agreement between the two main Palestinian factions for months and this month proposed an agreement that would see new elections held in June.

Fatah has signed the agreement while Hamas has repeatedly postponed its official response, saying it needs more time to mull the deal.

«They got everything they asked for in the Egyptian document, and we in Fatah knew that our position would draw fire from the sons of Fatah… But despite all this we agreed to it»,he said.

Dahlan insisted that in the absence of a deal Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who heads Fatah, would call elections for January in accordance with the constitution.

«We have taken our final decision to go to elections at the constitutionally appointed time… because we respect the law» he said. The bitter divisions between Fatah and Hamas go back to the start of limited Palestinian self-rule in the 1990s, when Fatah strongmen cracked down on the Islamist militant group. Their divisions boiled over in June 2007 when Hamas – which had won parliamentary elections a year before – drove Abbas’ loyalists from Gaza in a week of bloody clashes, seizing control of the impoverished territory

Source. Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Quartet want to force Israel to make «peace» with the Arab Palestinians. But «peace» with who?

The Arab Palestinians are not united. In fact, they have never been united. They have never had a Palestinians state, and Jerusalem have never been the capital of any Arab Muslim state.

The land of Israel do not belong to neither of the two Arab terrorist organizations Hamas and Fatah. The land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people.

But the division and disunity among the terrorists will eventually end. They will find common ground when the destruction of Israel is in sight. Their hate of the Jewish people will bring all enemies of God of the Bible together to gather for the final battle in Zion.

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