Jewish organizations plan to join a fresh round with Interfaith trialogue with the Vatican and the Muslim World Leage (MWL).

Rabbi Shear-Yashuv Cohen is the Chief Rabbi of Haifa. Here on a Catholic synod with the Pope.
Rabbi Shear-Yashuv Cohen is the Chief Rabbi of Haifa. Here on a Catholic synod with the Pope and his cardinals.

One of the Jewish community’s primary umbrella groups for interfaith affairs plans to proceed with an unprecedented trialogue this December involving world Jewry, the Vatican and – representing Islam – the MWL.

While a number of other major Jewish groups attended the earlier gatherings sponsored by Abdullah, the ADL has protested the MWL’s role in them. Last month, the ADL called on interfaith leaders worldwide «to condemn the anti-Semitism of the MWL and to not participate in their interfaith gatherings».

«This is not the kind of group we should be having an interfaith dialogue with», said Rabbi Eric Greenberg, director of interfaith policy at the ADL.

Source: The Israeli Newspaper Haaretz.

My comment:

Its is worth mentioning that there is more discernment in regards to Islam in the ADL, than in the Vatican. The Jewish people at large have felt the pinch in regards to the Jihad verses in the Koran. For 61 years Arabs deceived by an Islamic aganda have tried to destroy the state of Israel.

Rome has surrendered to the spirit of Allah, and has started to promote that the God of Israel and «god» of the prophet Muhammad is the same God. Thats a lie.

The end time religion that will bring the last antichrist will be promoed by people who talk like Rome. That all kind of religions leads to the same God. They just call Him by different names.

The difference between the spirit of Alllah and the God of Israel can be spotted already in the ellection. The Koran have deleted the covenant betwwen God and Isaac. Thats why the Koran is a false revelation, and the prophet Muhammed is a false prophet.

The spirit of Allah does not have a divine Son. God the Son, the Jewish Messiah Jesus will bring an end to all kind of false religions during His return to Earth.

Orthodox Judaism is not a false religion. Its an incomplete religion. Because the true Messiah is still missing. I know Him, and I have been told by Him to love and care for the Jewish people.