Moral Failure of Human Rights Watch Organization Condemned by Founder

I’VE COMMENTED BEFORE on the depraved anti-Semitism characterizing the work of the non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch. What I did not know until today is that the founder of the group resigned eleven years ago, and it has been since that time that HRW has taken such a wrong turn.

Mr. Robert. L. Bernstein has just published a strongly worded criticism of HRW — and a call for the organization he founded to return to its humanitarian mission — in a New York Times op-ed column, explaining why he has concluded that HRW has lost the credibility it once had. It is obviously difficult for Mr. Bernstein to expose in this way the dismal shortcomings of the institution which he helped birth, and upon which he lavished twenty years of his life. He is to commended for taking this public step. Read more here.

Guest writer: Lineman from The Palestine Sentinel

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