Bishop candidate suggest Danish Parliament to open with multi religious services

«Islamic Imam`s  should be invited to bless the Danish Parliament». Not a solution promoted by Osama Bin Laden, but a suggestion from a leader in the Lutheran Church of Denmark.

Danish Bishop candidate Kaj Bollman wants to expose the Danish Parliament to Islamic «blessings».
Danish Bishop candidate Kaj Bollman wants to expose the Danish Parliament to Islamic «blessings».

Christian and non-Christians faith organizations should be invited to bless the opening of the Danish parliament on rotation. This is a suggestion from the General Secretary of the Danish Church Fund.

An Islamic Imam, a Jewish rabbi or a non-Christian humanist can replace the Christian service in Christiansborg Castle Church in Copenhagen, held as a tradition since 1848 A.D.

Muslim Danish MP Chaudry
Muslim Danish MP Kamal Qureshis.

This opinion gets a mixed reception in Denmark. Many Christians are surprised that the idea is promoted by Kaj Bollmann, who was one of the candidate to be elected the Bishop of Copenhagen. Today priest Bollmann is the General Secretary to the Danish Church Fund, managing the properties of the Lutheran Church.

In a letter to the Editor of the Danish Christian Daily, Bollmann supports the Muslim Danish politician Kamal Qureshis, who has criticized the Christian service during the opening of the Parliament session in Denmark.

Qureshi wants to separate the Church and state. Bollmann do not support such a view, but suggest that the Christian and non-Christian service can be held on alternate years.  This will be a way to «Integrate religion» is the opening celebration of a new Parliament session.

«To keep the Christian service, with some changes, would be a symbol that the Danish Parliament want Christianity and other religions to play an integrated role in the Danish society», explains Bollmann.

The Chief Jewish rabbi of Copenhagen do no support such a view:
«I totally disagree. I find it natural that the Danish Church has the privileged status of conducting a Christian service», says Bent Lexner.

Source:  The Danish Christian Daily «Kristelig Dagblad».

My comment:

Its a disgrace that a Bishop candidate and a Christian leader of Denmark support Islamic infiltration. When will the Church of Denmark be invited to conduct a Christian service in the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Danish Chief Rabbi Bernt Lextner
Danish Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner.

The Danish priest and Fund manager Kaj Bollmann is a pathetic figure, a state employee, who are concerned about his own salary and pension. To save his own flesh, he is willing to send thousands of Danish politicians to Hell, by opening the gate for the False prophet Muhammad and the deception of Islam.

Because many secular Danish politicians promotes a faith-neutral state, wants to dissolve the state Church, men like Bollmann do not trust God will be able to feed them and compromise.

The end time religion will come as a result of a huge global compromise. That it does not matter which religion you serve, because they all will lead you to the same God.

Thank the living God of Israel for the Chief Rabbi of Copenhagen who could smell the rat, and rebuke this confused and misguided Danish priest.

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