«We want to promote good relations between the Social Democratic Party in Sweden and the Labor party in Israel».

Former Prime Minister Gøran Person (left) was well connect to Israel and other World leaders.
Former Prime Minister Gøran Person (left) was well connect to Israel and other World leaders.

Sunday was the first meeting on a new organizations of Friends of Israel within the Social Democratic Party of Israel.

«We want to work in the same spirit at the former Swedish Prime Minister Gøran Person in regards to Israel», the new forum states in a Press Release.

«For more than 60 years Israel have survived in a hostile environment in The Middle East. In the first decades after 1948, Israel was ruled by democratic Socialists. Among leftist in Sweden, there was a lot of support for the Jewish state».

«The relations between Sweden and Israel has changed after Gøran Person left the post as Prime Minister. We are concerned for the Socialists in Israel and the peace movement. We want to Sweden to support the progressive forces in Israel and Palestine», explains the new organization.

Source: The Swedish Christian Daily «Dagen.se».

My comment:

You do not have to be a Jew or Christian to be a supporter of Israel. Its enough with common sense.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. While the Jews are banned from even flying over nations like Saudi Arabia, there are two million Muslims with Israeli citizenship. The state of Israel is based on human rights, the rule of the Court of Law, and equality of men and women.

This is the radical opposite of the rules and regulation in the Islamic World. Strangely enough, many socialists support Arab regimes that hate whatever the leftist movement are fighting for.

Hopefully the new Friend of Israel organization in Sweden can make a difference.