«Lets arrest him, and sacrificed him to save the state of Israel». Ehud Olmert will soon be the first Jew to be tried for war crimes at the International War tribunal in the Haage.

No longer unity between Washington and Jerusalem. In a bid to save Israel Ehud Olmert will have to
No longer unity between Washington and Jerusalem. In a bid to save Israel Ehud Olmert will be arrested and tried for war crimes.

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert was greeted with cries of «war criminal» and «murderer» when he spoke at the University of Chicago on October 15th.

Several dozen pro-Palestinian protesters stood outside the lecture hall waving Palestinian flags and shouting out slogans against the former Israeli leader. But Olmert was also interrupted inside the hall.

«War crimes are not free expression», shouted one man. «Shame on my university for inviting a murderer». Several other students rose from their seats and presented lists of people killed during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip earlier this year. The protesters were escorted out of the hall by security.

Olmert himself maintained his composure despite the interruptions and responded to them calmly and politely

Sunday Kadima MK Nachman Shai called on the government Sunday to establish a judicial investigative committee into Operation Cast Lead in response to Friday’s UN Human Right Council endorsement of the Goldstone Commission Report.

«The stronger the diplomatic offensive against Israel becomes» the more necessary it is for «the government of Israel to make a brave decision», the Kadima legislator said in a press release.

«The time has come to put an end to the government’s misgivings concerning the Goldstone report and to conduct a judicial inquiry into Operation Cast Lead» he said, referring to the findings of the UN commission led by Judge Richard Goldstone.

«As time goes on, it is becoming clearer that this is the only way to save Israel from the dead end into which the government has forced us, and that disrupts Israel’s foreign affairs»

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The tittle about Ehud Olmert is mine. Not the work of the editor in Jerusalem Post. Some weeks ago I first wrote the same message. The Golstone report will create division among the Jewish people, and will result in a crack in the Zionist state.

The Goldtone report holds no truth, its based on lies and Islamic propaganda against the state of Israel. But when the International pressure reaches its climax, and pain and agony becomes intolerable for Israel, the secular Jews will be ready to sacrify Ehud Olmert.

He is already under trial for corruption, and one of the most unpopular Israeli leaders ever. The final crack in the state of Israel will be the beginning of the satanic plan to force a wounded Jewish nation into the final false peace. The stage has been set for the final antichrist to enter the arena.

At the end of the road, the Jews will have no friends. When they cry out to God of israel, the true Messiah will come and save them. Amen.