Political Zionism outside the Bible gets weaker by the day

As a Christian Zionist, I see a great paradox in me being a stronger supporter of the Zionist state of Israel, than many proclaimed Jews.

To support Israel is right. To use the Bible in the defence is safe and sound.
To support Israel is right. To use the Bible in the defence is safe and sound.

The first time I had an encounter with an Anti-Zionistic Jews, I was marveled by his arguments.  He suggested all Jews should leave Israel, go back to their native country, and hand the promised land over to the Arabs.

Obviously, He was not religious. He did not base his Jewishness on the Bible, on the covenant between God and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When I asked this gentleman why He called him self «Jewish», I got a long lecture. But He was hardly able to convince him self about the validity of his won arguments.

The ongoing debate about Zionism is debating anything but not what makes a Jew «Jewish».  If you do not have the Bible as a fundament for the claim to be a «Jew»,  you have disconnected your self from the origin of the concept of being Jewish.  Either you believe in the Bible or not.  Either you believe there is a God or not.  A Jew is a man that was called be God`s chosen, a descendant of Jacob, and the 12 tribes.

If you do now acknowledge that you are a descendant of Jacob, than who are you?

I wish that the Jewish people was united. I wish that they would acknowledge that the Bible is the only valid proof of the existence of a Jewish people, 3.000 years after their election.

In yesterdays Jerusalem Post, Isi Leibler is having a column with the title Zionism at the crossroads. He is not happy with the current affairs.

He writes:

«For many Jews and Israelis, the Holocaust and the struggle to create a Jewish homeland are dim historical memories relegated to history books. In the Diaspora, many have become disillusioned and traumatized by the burgeoning anti-Semitic climate and intensive media campaigns demonizing the Jewish state. Some have distanced themselves from Israel and even endorsed the anti-Zionist chic»

«Indeed, in recent times, successive Israeli leaders have themselves contributed to the erosion of Israel-Diaspora relations. They focus almost exclusively on wooing wealthy donors to fund their interests in lieu of nurturing Zionist leaders. Former interior minister Meir Sheetrit even went so far as to suggest the curtailment of aliya and abrogation of the Law of Return».

My comment:

If the Jews had justified their Zionism on their Biblical election, it would have been the end of all doubt and discussions.

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