Gambling Catholic priests to raise funds through poker

Andrew Trapp is a Roman Catholic priests. He is trying to raise a million US dollar by playing poker.

Catholic priest Andrew Trapp among pokers players. Trying to win big money.
Catholic priest Andrew Trapp among pokers players. Trying to win big money.

«We are trying to raise money to renovate our Church. And we are coming closer to our goals».

The Catholic priest has already won 25.000 USD in the game «A million dollar challenge». The vicar was given the option to go to Cash, or to use his premium to play against the World Champion Daniel Negreanu.

Trap managed to win over Negreanu and is now ready for the final game for the amount of one million US dollars. If the priest wins, the money will be used to build a new office section of St. Michaels Church in Garden City, South Carolina.

«If I win, it will be a testimony of young men who wants to become priests, and that its possible to have fun while serving God» explains the clergy man Trap.

Source: Swedish Christian Daily «».

My comment:

When one man win in gambling, another man looses. Some people looses their mind, house and family.

Gambling is a sin that leads to sickness. For many people its an addiction just like drugs.

It will not come as a surprise that I do not consider The Roman Catholic Church to be a part of true Christianity. This priest is just another example of another misguided and confused man who call him self a priests.

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