British paper The Guardian omits Israeli Nobel Peace Prize winners

The Guardian missed out three name in the papers list of Nobel Price winners. All of them Jews from Israel.

The Guardian rememberd Yasser Arafat, but deleted the names of Shimon Peres and Yasak Rabin
The Guardian remembered Yasser Arafat, but deleted the names of Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin.

In it’s online feature dealing with US President Barack Obama’s surprise Nobel Peace Prize win, left-leaning British newspaper The Guardian posted a list purportedly showing every person who has ever won the prestigious award.

The only problem was that the list was missing three names – Israeli leaders Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.

Those responding directly to the article and commentators across the Internet immediately cried foul, and explained how the omission certainly appeared to be deliberate.

First, it was clear the names had been erased, since in at least one spot (after the place where Yitzhak Rabin’s name should have been) the person doing the omitting accidentally left the country identifier “- Israel”.

Guardian staff later tried to claim the omissions were a technical error resulting from their efforts to put joint winners of the award in a separate column. But critics pointed out that the only years including joint winners where this was a problem were those that included Israelis.

Source: The Israeli magazine Israel Today.

My comment:

It is possible that The Guardian did this by mistake. But its strange that only three names were missing, and all of them were the three Jews who have won this price.

As a journalist and editor by profession, I can testify that the explanation given by the British newspaper is not trust worthy. The Jewish nation should anyhow remain silent. Its a good example of the state of affairs, in International media that continuously deletes the Jewish version of events inside the state of Israel, and overlook Jewish views on the history of the Middle East.

2 thoughts on “British paper The Guardian omits Israeli Nobel Peace Prize winners

    1. Dear Dallas Kirk.

      The Western free media does a copy-cat of what they did in the 1930-ties. They called Hitler a toothless fool, but agreed that the Jews was a problem. Today Zionist Jews home in Israel are accused of being the stumbling block on the road towards World peace, that needs to be tamed and removed. Ahmadinejad has replaced Hitler as the fool…

      Even the Nazis had their own «Jesus». A copy-cat Messiah, an Arian warrior that would bring glory to the up coming 1000 year «Reich» of Hitler. Der Fuhrer believed He was going to save the World. He only needed to solve the «Jewish problem».

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