Mahmoud Abbas facing challenge to his leadership from aggressive youth

After meeting Prime Minister Netanyahu without preconditions, Mahmoud Abbas facing a revolt against his leadership of Fatah from guard of younger leaders.

Handshakes of deception. Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas agrees to play a game in front of President Obama.
Handshakes of deception. Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas agrees to play a game in front of President Obama.

Hounded by his moderate supporters and militant rivals alike, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is facing a leadership crisis that will make it harder for the Obama administration to draw him into peace talks with Israel.

He made two concessions that ignited fury at home and across the Arab world: First he joined President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for a meeting in New York last month to explore prospects for formal talks.

Then last week he agreed, under American pressure, to postpone the Palestinians’ demand for a UN Security Council debate on a UN report accusing Israel of war crimes in Gaza.

While Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has for months offered to resume talks,

«I cannot imagine that Abbas can meet [U.S. envoy] Mitchell and simply agree to resume negotiations with Israel without preconditions», said Mouin Rabbani, a Palestinian political analyst based in Jordan.

Source: Los Angeles Times.

My comment:

During my stay in Israel last week, a friend of mine said:

«Something is breeding among the Muslims in Jerusalem. It has been quite for too long».

Radical Islam is not happy with the Fatah president Mahmoud Abbas. When he meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York, Abbas had not got anything. The PM of Israel had not agreed to stop building in Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria.

The logic within the Arab Palestinian terrorist movement, has again changed. The present silence has been a product of a wait and watch approach to the Likud lead Israeli Governments relations to the new Obama administrastion. «How much can we get from Benjamin Netanyahu without rocket fire and stones?»

Now, when Netanyahu has managed to stand up during pressure from Washington and London, its time to resume the political agenda of hate and violence. The logic is simple:

«Lets again make life inside Israel a living hell. Obama and Blair will agree to blame the Zionist state for the trouble, and Netanyahu will be forced to make «peace». In the bargain we will get Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem».

This is the same logic as the Nazis used during the peace negotiations that ended with the outbreak of Word War II. The moment Chamberlain understood that Hitler was not a man of peace, it was simply to late.

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