Generations of Arab Palestinians have been «educated» by Yasser Arafat and company to believe there never was a Solomon’s Temple.

Two Jewish soliders praying. They fear God, and tries to protect the people living in Jerusalem.
Two Jewish soliders praying. They fear God, and tries to protect the people living in Jerusalem.

This is a comment by Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, both working at Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Textbooks and Palestinian media all repeat the self-delusionary canard denying any historic Jewish continuity or legitimacy in the Holy Land. Indeed, president Bill Clinton was reportedly shocked when Arafat called the Western Wall the Jewish people’s holiest place «a Muslim shrine». The Palestinian leader’s chief negotiator at the make-or-break Camp David peace talks denied the ruins of Solomon’s temple lay beneath the Dome of the Rock.

Tragically, ever since Israel magnanimously turned over religious control of the Temple Mount to the Muslim Wakf in June 1967, successive generations have been taught that Israelis are Nazi-like invaders, illegitimate neighbors and enemies.

And «friends of peace» far from urging Palestinians to deal with reality, help feed the delusion of denial. Witness the World Council of Churches, the largest umbrella group of Protestants, which recently launched the so-called Bern Initiative at its «Promised Land» conference in Switzerland.

Its answer to Israel’s alleged «apartheid situation»in the Holy Land is to reinterpret the Bible by differentiating between «Biblical history and biblical stories . . . as well to distinguish between the Israel of the Bible and the modern State of Israel».

The current violence and rabble rousing by the Palestinians won’t make it any easier for US President Barack Obama, but the first thing he must do is not stop illegal nursery and bathroom add-ons in east Jerusalem but admonish the Palestinian leadership to stop denying the legitimacy of the Jewish people.

Simply put: There can be no peace in the Holy Land without the Arab and Muslim world acknowledging what their Holy Book and ancestors recognized as the historic link of the Jewish people to its land and its Holy sites. Unless and until that happens, there will be no peace in our time.

Source: Comment by Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper.Both are working at Simon Wiesenthal Center.

My comment

All true Christians who relate to the Jewish people will defend Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel. Not because of pitty, mercy or human wisdom. But because the Biblical covenant between Israel and His sons and daugters are still valid.

The the World Council of Chuches (WCC) can not see this, does not make the Word of God null and void. That the Roman Catholic Church does not support the Zionistic Rule in the state of Israel, does not make Rome righteous in the eyes of God of the Bible.

Jesus the Messiah did not come to change God the Fathers promises to Israel, and his children. He came to acomplish all. Jesus the Messiah is the guard of Zion, and the everlasting and fulfilled Yom Kippur. He has paid the perfect atonement for our sins, both Jews and gentiles. In the Messiah we are One people. Amen.