Vatican: «Jews and evangelicals are worst in abusing their children»

According to their figures the majority of the US child abuse cases happens in the Protestant churches and Jewish communities.

Catholic Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi.

This is a statement of Silvano Maria Tomasi. He is the Pope’s representative at the Office of the UN and specialized agencies in Geneva.

The Vatican responded to pedophilia accusations against the Catholic Church.
He claims that the Catholic Church has taken this issue very seriously, but that a main problem lies in other Christian and Jewish denominations. He also adds that ephobia is a much larger problem than pedophilia.

To soften and justify Catholic clergy, Tomasi specifies that 80 to 90 percent of abuse of minors are a result of ephobilia, not pedophilia. He defines ephobilia as a sexual preference for adolescents from the age of 11 to 17.

However, in European countries hebophilia and ephobilia are all part of pedophilia, because their upper limit for pedophilia is set between the age of 12 and 15. So, what the Vatican calls ephobilia, is really called pedophilia in all of other European countries.

Bishop smuggled child porno

The latest report of sexual abuse was the case of a 69-year-old bishop from Canada whose laptop was discovered to contain large amounts of child pornography.

The bishop, who was accused for distribution and sale of child pornography, was discovered after his computer was randomly examined at the Ottawa airport.

Bishop Raymond Lahey was returning from the United States when the Canadian border police found the disputed photographs on his computer. He immediately resigned from the Catholic Church position.

Lahey became known to the public when he mediated a program that paid 13 million Canadian dollars to a large number of victims who claimed that they were sexually abused by priests since the 1950’s.

Source: Danish Christian Daily «Kristelig Dagblad»

My comment:

The Vatican has a record of abusive priest, many of them pedophiles. In stead of admitting this crimes, the Papal Church hide and reshuffled abusive priests, and raise its finger on other faiths in a bid to confuse the public.

To claim that the Jewish people are more abusive than the priests in the Catholic Church, is a baseless and ridicules accusation. Its typical that Rome brand the Jews of being the reason behind all evils. The Roman Catholic Church has done so from the very day of its very faulty spiritual foundation.

2 thoughts on “Vatican: «Jews and evangelicals are worst in abusing their children»

    1. Dear Leobee.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus the Messiah.

      In the Royal priesthood in the New testament, we are all called to be priests. We are called to learn and minister the Word of God. All followers of the Messiah are priests, both men and women.

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