Israel and NATO members gets ready for joint missile drill

The European border with the Middle East can best be defended by Israel. The threat of missile from Iran can best be taken care of by putting a Missile shield inside the Jewish state.

From an test of an Arrow Missile in Israel.
From a test fire of an Arrow Missile in Israel. The US has proposed a new Middle East missile shield against the threat from Iran.

Later in October the state of Israel will see a joint Israeli-US Juniper Cobra missile defense exercise. To prepare for this huge military operation, the head of he IDF general Gabi Ashkenazi flew to France on Sunday. Ashkenazi met with the Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Michael Mullen and French Chief of the Defense Staff Gen. Jean-Louis Georgelin.

Ashkenazi and Mullen discussed the joint Israeli-US Juniper Cobra missile defense exercise, which is scheduled to begin later this month. The drill will include the Israeli Arrow missile defense system as well as three American systems – the THAAD, Aegis and PAC3 – that will all be deployed in Israel for the duration of the exercise.

Ashkenazi and Georgelin also discussed developments in Iran. Last month Georgelin told an audience in Washington that military intervention was no longer a viable option to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear capability. He said a military strike was too risky.

My comment:

While NATO-member Norway boycott one of Israel`s technology advanced company Elbit, the United States needs the help of Israel to defend the borderline between Europe and the Islamic world.

The Norwegian defense boycott of Israel, has also become an the embarrassment for United Kingdom. Simply because Israeli drone technology, is used in remote controlled combat aircraft without pilots, in a bid to defend both British and Norwegian soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

The Norweagian boycott of Elbit is an example of an European Government that do not understand its very own best. If Israel had answered with the same kind of boycott against Norway, the young vikings would have died at the mercy of the Islamic terrorists.

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