Goldstone failed to honor the Human rights of Gilad Schalit

IDF has been accused of deliberately targeting Gazan civilians. But the Goldstone report did not include the captivity of Gilad Schalit as an brutal example of Islamic war crimes.

The captivity of Gilad Schalit is a violantion of Human rights denied by so-called Human Right organizations.
The captivity of Gilad Schalit is a violantion of Human rights denied by so-called Human Right organizations.

Most NGO`s have remained characteristically silent on Goldstone’s scandalous treatment of captured IDF soldier Gilad Schalit as a side issue. As Israel is left to nauseatingly pawn terrorists for proof that Shalit is alive, the tokenism afforded by his captivity breeds further mistrust of the moral claims of Goldstone and the human rights community.

The Goldstone’s report does call for Schalit’s release. But this demand is given little prominence, with only two of 452 pages devoted to the issue, including an appalling moral inversion. Rather than focus on Schalit’s incarceration itself, Goldstone is more concerned that if Israel maintains a blockade to secure his release, Schalit’s captivity would be the cause of illegal «collective punishment».

There has been almost total inaction from the likes of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and B’Tselem in protecting Schalit’s basic human rights.

While accusing Israel of «war crimes» «wanton destruction» or «collective punishment», the NGO´s fail to appreciate the irony that the only remaining Israeli in Gaza, Gilad Schalit, has been held illegally and entirely against his will for more than three years. The treatment of Schalit as a footnote to the Gaza conflict is another terrible example of the unwillingness to apply human rights to Israelis.

In Gilad Schalit, Israelis see their own sons or brothers. The covenant between Israeli citizens and its army, that both will do everything possible to protect the safety of the other, is central to understanding Israeli military thinking.

Source: NGO

My comment:

This is my first article on captured soldier Gilad Schalit.

I wish He was not captured, I wish he would be released today. I also wish I could revoke History, so that no Jew would have been arrested in Nazi-Germany.

But thats not the relality. Fascism is not over. Its a mind set of people who do not rescpect basic human rights, and who never will play by the same rule and you and I.

Gilad Schalit is the best evidence of the validity of the «peace agrement » that Israel will get at the end of the road map. I will not be worth the paper it is written on. When all the enemies of Israel says «peace, peace», that will plan for the final war.

If there was a motivation of peace with Hamas, Gilad Schalit would simply not have been held in captivity against alll rule of combat, Genva War conventions of POW´s and Red Cross statues of inspections of prisoners.

Last time we saw men like Hamas rule on planet Earth, was in the days of Adolf Hitler. The World has to loose 60 million souls to bring his terror regime to and end.

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