Please go to Ashkelon in Israel relax and do nothing

Not many tourists in Israel spend much time in Ashkelon. But believe me. Its one of the most wonderful places if you know what to do. And than is to do nothing.

The Marina in Ashkelon is a unknown beauty for many tourists in Israel
The Marina in Ashkelon is a unknown beauty for many tourists in Israel

To come on a pilgrimage or a study tour to Israel can be quit exiting, but will most likely be race against time. Entering the buss at 6.30 am, and coming back late to the hotel at 7 pm for a rush up dinner. During the day, you have seen a lot of the road network in Israel, and quit a few religious sites. You have also spoken to a lot of your fellow countrymen, and listen to a guide.

The only thing you have not done, is to see the relay Israel, met its people and spoken to them about everyday life.

Strange, is it not?

Yesterday, I was taken to a place in Israel with less tourist, and hardly any people on a pilgrimage. We went to Ashkelon, and camped our car next to the marina.

Ashkelon is a place worth visiting. The maria is a beautiful place, and the next door beach has all what it takes. Plenty of time to chill out and do nothing.

The Arabs should rather try to copy than destroy what the Zionists have buildt up.
The Arabs should rather try to copy than destroy what the Zionists have buildt up.

There might be many people who will give you plenty of good reason not to go to Ashkelon. You are hardly 20 kilometers from Gaza city, and within the range of the Kassams of Hamas. The feeling of insecurity have left the local tourism industry with less clients.

But for people who trust in God of the Bible, the fear of Kassams can not stop us from joining Jews and Arab Israelis who refuse to change their life because of terror.

My friend have a small bout in Ashkelon, and had gone to fix the engine. One faulty cable part had to be removed. We went into Ashkelon, and meet a jolly good fellow of an electrician. He fixed the problem, and refused to be paid: «No, no money. Welcome to Israel».

The next day, we returned to the Marina on the Sabbath. This time I was looking at a boat that was for sell. The owner was a fire fighter, and carried a broad smile on his face. He and his family spent the full day of rest next to us. The boat on the other side of us was owned by some Russian immigrants. The next moments, became a perfect time for reflections.

Just beyond the factory pipe and the jetty in Asheklon, was Gaza city. The distance between liberty and freedom and a fascistic terror regime can here be measured in kilometer. Still both the Russian immigrants and Arab Israelis were acting like the Jihadists were miles and miles away.

The media creates an impression that the Arab Israelis are up in arms over the so-called Israeli occupation of Gaza. But the truth is that Arab Israelis can not think of any better place to stay than in Israel, and do no not want to evict the Zionist rule in the Holy land. Because the state of Israel take care of its minorities and its immigrants that want to live in peace and prosperity.

Sitting in the marina of Ashkelon and doing nothing, it might also struck you that nothing can ban the Gazans from building a similar marina along their beaches. It the Gazans had had a government that relay cared for its own people.

Its easy to envy Israel and the good governance of the Zionists. Its also easy to criticizes them, and even fire rockets into Israel in a bid to destroy the Jewish homeland. But to copy the Zionists, or make Gaza blossom like the land of the Jews, Radical Islam seems to be totally incapable of doing. Its more important to destroy Israel, than to make a better place for their own citizens.

5 thoughts on “Please go to Ashkelon in Israel relax and do nothing

    1. Dear Christina.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site. Thanks for blessing me with this comment. May God of Israel bless you. In the name of Y´shua.

  1. somehow I came across this. Thanks. Next time, if there is one, you should visit the national park and see the archaeological dig. And of course, you can also visit me and my family. Thanks for a nice reiview, especially nice to read considering current events…G-d bless!

    1. Dear Ilana Fine Bar-Hai

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I might be in Israel, at anytime. Its like my second home. If the rockets from Gaza does not close down Ben Gurion, I will will be there shortly. I will stand united with my brothers and sisters in Israel. Since I am a believer in Yeshua the Messiah, I have no fear of men.

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