Jordan joins Hamas in planning and creating media trouble for Israel

Jordan has accused Israel for «violent clashes» that erupted on the Temple Mount on Sunday. Amman expressed dismay at Jerusalem’s decision to close the compound on Monday, allowing only Muslim worshipers over the age of 50 to enter the site.

Orthodox Jews preparing for the fesival of Sukkot in Jerusalem
Orthodox Jews preparing for the fesival of Sukkot in Jerusalem

A Channel 2 commentator suggested that the riots were not just a reaction to Jewish presence in the compound, but also «Induced by fear that Israel would plant false archaeological evidence» to prove a Jewish temple had existed in Jerusalem.

Police said some 150 Muslim worshipers participated in last week’s disturbance on the Temple Mount, which began when a group of Jewish visitors entered the compound with a police escort on the even of Yum Kippur.

The Temple Mount compound will also be shut down on Monday, when tens of thousands of Jewish worshipers are expected to pray at the Western Wall. Only Muslim worshipers over the age of 50 will be allowed access to the compound.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Being a regular commenter on events inside Israel and the Middle East, I have never been closer to a stange managed media event than this Sunday. In fact, I spent the day just a few hundred meters away from the point of claimed to be «riots» in Jerusalem.

To tell you the truth. After spending almost the full day in the Jewish Quarter in the Old city of Jerusalem, I had to watch TV in the evening to be made aware of the «drama» that had taken place at the entry point of the Temple Mount.

On Sunday the Orthodox community was celebrating Sukkot, and there was a music concert just outside the Chabad center in the Jewish quarter. Neither did I, nor did hundreds of Orthodox Jews experience any «riots». I am a witness and can confirm that everthing was peaceful in the old city of Jerusalem from morning to evening.

Just like Hamas has been doing in Gaza, the Kingdom of Jordan has now started to stage manage media events to tarnish and defame the Jewish state of Israel. The Islamic trouble makers informs the media in advance that «trouble» in the pipe line, making the press partly guilty of creating the disturbance. If there had been no TV-cameras on the site, the culprits would not even have bothered to challenge the police to to get some fresh picture of the «abusive» Jewish Police force.

The truth is that it was a wonderful Sunday in the centre of Jerusalem. Do not let a group of professional Muslim protesters and a handful of Media reporter provoke you to anger against the state of Israel and the police force in Jerusalem.

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