International prosecutor may charge Israeli with War Crimes

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, is considering an investigation of IDF for war crimes in Gaza. His first target i Lieutenant Colonel David Benjamin.

A public prosecutor
Public prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo puts pressure on officers in the IDF.

Benjamin served for many years as legal adviser to the GOC Southern Command, and later headed the Military Advocate General’s department on international law.

In August, he visited South Africa to attend a conference organized by the local Jewish community on international law during wartime, with special reference to the Gaza war. Benjamin later described the trip as a «personal hasbara [public diplomacy] trip».

The pro-Palestinian organizations promptly asked South African state prosecutors to open an investigation into suspicions that Benjamin had committed war crimes in Gaza. To avoid a potential confrontation with local authorities, Benjamin left South Africa several days earlier than he had planned.

Israel did not sign the treaty that created the ICC and thus is outside its jurisdiction, but the prosecutor believes he has the authority he needs to launch an inquiry: Benjamin holds dual citizenship in both Israel and South Africa, which has signed the ICC’s charter, bringing Benjamin into the court’s orbit.

Benjamin said he was out of the country during most of the Gaza operation and had no role in its planning.

Source: Newsweek and the Israeli Daily Ha’aretz

My comment:

To target a sub-officer in the IDF for war crimes is an cowardly act. Because the top IDF bosses are available. So is the Israeli Prime Ministers, both past and present. And President Shimon Peres.

The state of Israel have a legal system that will take care of complaint against officers in the IDF. On quit a few occasions they under investigation, and are suspended. Some of them have even been arrested and jailed.

The US and United Kingdom will next week hold a huge NATO exercise in the Mediterranean ocean. This will be a joint military drill with the IDF.

Would the US and NATO have done this with the War criminals from Serbia and Croatia? Would they have done drill with he Sudanese Government, that has committed genocide in Darfur? What about Idi Amin`s regime in Uganda?

The IDF is the most ethical army in the World. To entertain Arab Palestinian terrorist organizations call for War crimes trials against the IDF, is no longer to believe in a bad joke. The International society have again forced the Jews to be on the run, just like under Nazi-Germany. Colonel David Benjamin had to run back home to Israel ahed of his schedule.

Read more about a British officers views on the IDF operation Cast Lead in Gaza: Click here

2 thoughts on “International prosecutor may charge Israeli with War Crimes

    1. Dear Rob.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment. It has been my vision to give my readers informative posts. May God of Israel bless you and keep you. In the name of Y´shua.

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