The first Gospel of Barnabas was found in Spain, and was first commented by Pope Sixtus the fifth in 1585 AD. The only copy preserved today was found in Italy.

The Gospel of Barnabas in neither found in the Bibel nor in the Koran
The Gospel of Barnabas in neither found in the Bibel nor in the Koran

I must confess that I had no idea that there was a book called «The Gospel of Barnabas». I was tiped by my Muslim friend and commentor on this site, Al Faarooq.

Since this book has its orgion more than 1000 years after the closure of the Canon of the Holy Bible, its obviously not a part of the New testaments scripture. Still its worth noticing that this book claims that Jesus said that the Muslim prophet Muhammed is the Messiah. That is a believe that is also rejected by mainstream Islam. Thats why its puzzles me that Al Farooq believe this. If I am not mistaken, He even told me that the Koran is a false book. Because the Koran does not claim that Muhammad is the Messiah.

What does the Gospel of Barnabas claim:

Verse 53:6:

«Jesus smote his face with both his hands, and then smote the ground with his head. And having raised his head, he said: Cursed be every one who shall insert into my sayings that I am the son of God».

Furthermore, the Gospel of Barnabas states that Jesus escaped crucifixion by being raised alive to heaven; while Judas Iscariot the traitor was crucified in his place. These beliefs; in particular that Jesus is a prophet of God and raised alive without being crucified; conform with Islamic beliefs.

Jesus is described as a prophet and not the son of God [Verse 35] , while Paul is called «the deceived».

What was the purpose of writing an publishing this book?

The the Gospel of Barnabas is seen as an attempted synthesis of elements from both Christianity and Islam. Some sixteenth century anti-Trinitarian divines sought to reconcile Christianity, Islam and Judaism; on the basis of very similar arguments to those presented in the Gospel of Barnabas, arguing that if salvation remains unresolved until the end times, then any one of the three religions could be a valid path to heaven for their own believers.

This kind of Inter Faith dialouges are very popular today. The only thing the Catholics and Islam and non-Torra observant Jews needs to do, is to read the Gospel of Barnabas and agree that this is the «truth».

The departed will raise from Hell

Another fascinating element in the Gospel of Barnabas, is that it includes a promise that the departed will get a chance to rise from Hell. Thats is also very similar to the Roman Catholic and Muslim belief, that there will be a place of Judgment beyond death. The Catholics calls this place Purgatory. This faulty teaching rejects that judgment have already taken place, when Jesus payed atonement on the cross, redeeming mankind, and taking Him self the judgment that man deserves. Only people who do not believe in Jesus will be Judged.

The truth is that this «Gospel» is a forgery.

People who wants to fake the truth about Jesus 1500 years after His death and resurrection will always leave fingerprints of fraud.

Like the claim that Jesus sailing across the Sea of Galilee to Nazareth. The city of Nazareth is an inland city. And the Gospel of Barnabas explained that Jesus was going up to Capernaum, which is located at the lakeside.

This false book also claims that Jesus was born during the rule of Pontius Pilate, which began after the year 26 A.D. In chapter 22, this false Gospel talks of wine being stored in wooden casks, as characteristic of Gaul and Northern Italy. There were no oak or three fit for such storage in Israel. Thats why they used wine skins and jars.