Gospel of Barnabas claims Jesus said Muhammad is the Messiah

The first Gospel of Barnabas was found in Spain, and was first commented by Pope Sixtus the fifth in 1585 AD. The only copy preserved today was found in Italy.

The Gospel of Barnabas in neither found in the Bibel nor in the Koran
The Gospel of Barnabas in neither found in the Bibel nor in the Koran

I must confess that I had no idea that there was a book called «The Gospel of Barnabas». I was tiped by my Muslim friend and commentor on this site, Al Faarooq.

Since this book has its orgion more than 1000 years after the closure of the Canon of the Holy Bible, its obviously not a part of the New testaments scripture. Still its worth noticing that this book claims that Jesus said that the Muslim prophet Muhammed is the Messiah. That is a believe that is also rejected by mainstream Islam. Thats why its puzzles me that Al Farooq believe this. If I am not mistaken, He even told me that the Koran is a false book. Because the Koran does not claim that Muhammad is the Messiah.

What does the Gospel of Barnabas claim:

Verse 53:6:

«Jesus smote his face with both his hands, and then smote the ground with his head. And having raised his head, he said: Cursed be every one who shall insert into my sayings that I am the son of God».

Furthermore, the Gospel of Barnabas states that Jesus escaped crucifixion by being raised alive to heaven; while Judas Iscariot the traitor was crucified in his place. These beliefs; in particular that Jesus is a prophet of God and raised alive without being crucified; conform with Islamic beliefs.

Jesus is described as a prophet and not the son of God [Verse 35] , while Paul is called «the deceived».

What was the purpose of writing an publishing this book?

The the Gospel of Barnabas is seen as an attempted synthesis of elements from both Christianity and Islam. Some sixteenth century anti-Trinitarian divines sought to reconcile Christianity, Islam and Judaism; on the basis of very similar arguments to those presented in the Gospel of Barnabas, arguing that if salvation remains unresolved until the end times, then any one of the three religions could be a valid path to heaven for their own believers.

This kind of Inter Faith dialouges are very popular today. The only thing the Catholics and Islam and non-Torra observant Jews needs to do, is to read the Gospel of Barnabas and agree that this is the «truth».

The departed will raise from Hell

Another fascinating element in the Gospel of Barnabas, is that it includes a promise that the departed will get a chance to rise from Hell. Thats is also very similar to the Roman Catholic and Muslim belief, that there will be a place of Judgment beyond death. The Catholics calls this place Purgatory. This faulty teaching rejects that judgment have already taken place, when Jesus payed atonement on the cross, redeeming mankind, and taking Him self the judgment that man deserves. Only people who do not believe in Jesus will be Judged.

The truth is that this «Gospel» is a forgery.

People who wants to fake the truth about Jesus 1500 years after His death and resurrection will always leave fingerprints of fraud.

Like the claim that Jesus sailing across the Sea of Galilee to Nazareth. The city of Nazareth is an inland city. And the Gospel of Barnabas explained that Jesus was going up to Capernaum, which is located at the lakeside.

This false book also claims that Jesus was born during the rule of Pontius Pilate, which began after the year 26 A.D. In chapter 22, this false Gospel talks of wine being stored in wooden casks, as characteristic of Gaul and Northern Italy. There were no oak or three fit for such storage in Israel. Thats why they used wine skins and jars.

20 thoughts on “Gospel of Barnabas claims Jesus said Muhammad is the Messiah

  1. My God, my God… I pray that You ‘save’ me from all those who drink the Kool-ade of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    Doesn’t anybody Think??? The War of Words (“Holy”, of course) has been going on since Publishing began… This Book, -no, that Book… the words of that Book are better than the words of this Book… this Book contains the ‘truth’, -that Book is the only ‘truth’, -all else is heresy… and on and on it goes… ’til all fall down in absolute, total ignorance.

    Doesn’t anybody utilize discernment? Can’t anybody distinguish ‘history’ v. ‘theology’?

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes said it best: “When you remove the impossible, -whatever remains is the truth, no matter how implausible.

    Has ANY ‘man’, in the history of the world, been born without the agency of male sperm impregnating a female’s egg?

    Despite what the ‘theological’ Holy Gospels says… No Jew even knew or saw or even heard of “[Jesus] Christ”.

    “Christ” came into ‘literary’ being as a direct result of Saul of Tarsus -aka the Apostle and eventual Saint Paul’s epiphany of the deceased ‘descendant of David and Jewish messiah’, -ten years After the crucifixion of Judas the Galilean, -the author of the fourth sect among the Jews and chief instigator of the insurrection that eventually caused the wealthy and educated Jews to scatter themselves abroad, the temple at Jerusalem was razed to the ground (save what is called the ‘Wailing Wall’ and, the (Jewish) nation was utterly destroyed (in 70 c.e.).

    Now, in ‘those days’ there Was a man named Jesus, -He was called Barabbas, -written in the original Greek Gospel according or attributed to Matthew, -but that His name was removed or omitted from the Latin translation of the same text (around 390 c.e.) and most of the translations thereafter… (leaving ‘us’) with only “Barabbas” instead.

    It should be noted that “Barabbas” is not a proper or surname (any more so than is “Christ”)… it is what He (Jesus) was called. It is an Aramaic appellation, the meaning of which is: Bar = Son + Abba = Father (as in ‘the Father of us all’ or ‘God’, if you will).

    He (Jesus -who was called (the) ‘Son of God’ or “Barabbas”) was ‘chosen’ by the multitude of assembled Jews (in ‘those days’)… Why?

    Envy? I very strongly doubt it…

    At stake was Pontius Pilate’s determination of the (true) ‘will’ of the (Jewish) people… or, which side the Jews were on in the on-going insurrection.

    ‘Theocracy’ v. ‘Secularism’…

    The historical origin of the ‘conflict’ or schism among the Jews has its roots in the days when Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, succeeded his father as the ‘anointed’ king of the Jews. Ten tribes revolted away from Rehoboam’s heretofore ‘theocratic governance of David and Solomon’ and established a parallel government, -headed by Jeroboam.

    That ‘schism’ among the Jews… continued down through the centuries… rearing its head during the Roman installed and supported Herod’s ‘secular’ government.

    The ‘choice’ and ‘decision’ of the Jews, -between Jesus Barabbas versus Judas the Galilean was theirs to make.

    Our ‘choice’ is to believe the ‘Christianity’ of ‘Paul’… or, not.

    Roland, -a reluctant iconoclast.

    1. Dear Roland.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I must admit, that this is one of the strangest comment I have ever read. And I have read a lot. I will keep this comment, to see if there is anyone who have some advice to give you.

  2. Dear Ivarfjeld,

    Peace, Shalom and Naamaste’

    You admit that my comment (singular) “is one of the strangest…”, yet you do not inform as to which (from among the many ‘comments’ I posited)…

    I welcome your point by point criticism (supported by evidence) of my comments.

    Thank you for keeping “this comment”… however, there is no need to see if anyone has some advice to give me. I have no need of ‘advice’ regarding my comment(s).

    FYI… There is a made-for-TV Documentary re. ‘Jesus Barabbas’ currently in production. As far as I know, its world-wide premiere will be televised on HBO later this fall.

    Roland, -a reluctant iconoclast.

  3. as a beliver in LORD JESUS CHRIST i belive gospel of barnabas is a big lie Big Lie.

    all Christians must stay away from such fraud and lies.

    JESUS teachings are in NEW TEASTAMENT.

    read them and follow them.


    1. Dear Sachin.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus the Messiah.

      You wrote:

      Jesus teachings are in New Testament. read them and follow them.

      My comment:

      Very true. But! There was no New testament when Jesus walked on Earth.

      So The Messiah taught from the Torah and the Tanakh, which we call the Old Testament. Read all the small foot notes in your Bible, and discover the beauty of the whole Bible. One holy book. One God, and One Messiah.

      1. Dear Ivarfield,

        Please read, Matthew 1:23:
        Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

  4. I am a Hindu with great reverence for Islam. My father had more than 10 gods in the house- most of which resembles demons. I have stopped praying to this things although my 2 brothers hold them ingreat reverence. I do hope that the true God wil guide me before my time is up on this earth.

  5. I have also read th The Holy Bible but I could not find the word Trinity anywhere in there- that there are three persons in one.There is no such teaching in the entire Bible. So who started it? VJ

    1. Dear Vijay.


      The word “trinity” is not in the Bible. It is a word used to explain who God is. Both God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is explained in the Bible as always in agreement. That makes God One.

      In the Gospel of Luke, God manifest Him self in three persons.

      God the Father spoke from heaven. God the Son was baptized, and God the Holy Spirit came and rested on Jesus in the form of a dove.

      Luke 3:22
      and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

      1. 1John 5:7 ” For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. (KJV 1611 Authorized Version) This has been deleted from all other fake bibles since this is the only place the bible speaks about the Father, Word (The Son later becoming flesh) and Holy Ghost. Please read KJV 1611 authorized only to be in truth and to walk in light.

      2. The book gosple of Barnabas is true in all aspect. It claimed Muhammad to be the last prophet after Jesus to come and perfect the works and the laws and the religion ( Islam). The book does not contradict it’s self onlike the Bible. @ IvarfJeld that red John 3:22 ( you are my son, whom i love: with you i am well pleased) as forgotten that it is also the Bible that said ( i am testifying it to you that my God you have never had his voice at any time)

  6. The NLT has the KJV reference to “the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit” in the footnotes and mentions that it is included in some of the latest manuscripts. But, in any case, we have reference to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit sprinkled throughout the New Testament. If Jesus was not the Messiah, what good would it do to baptize in His name? In Matthew 28:19, the resurrected Jesus told His followers to baptize their disciples “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” We are not baptized in the name of Moses or Elijah. Jesus then goes on to tell His followers to teach their disciples to obey His commandments—thereby affirming His authority over Jews as the Messiah. Only God has the power and authority to make commandments for men.

    The “Gospel of Barnabas” is a fake concocted by the gnostic enemies of the true Gospel given in the New Testament. All of the Apostles recognized that Satan’s anti-Christ followers were already active in their day. This is just more of the same—as also is the “Gospel of Judas” that was recently “unearthed” in Egypt. It is a common gnostic lie that the Apostle Paul created Christianity. But there is complete harmony between all of Paul’s teachings and those of Jesus. Those who fall for the lies of the gnostics are those who do not know or understand the Bible. That is only by the power of the Holy Spirit who bears witness to the truth. This lying “Gospel of Barnabas” was pulled out of obscurity in order to serve Satan’s goal of a “One-World-Faith” that will ultimately be ruled by him (but, mercifully, for only a very short time). It is a damnable lie and all who believe it will be led to receive Satan’s mark. They will suffer Satan’s fate.

  7. That is the false gospel indeed, If any man does not believe Jesus, he/she will believe in hell, where it will be meaningless to them for they will burn forever.

  8. “No one knows who actually wrote the Gospel of Barnabas but what is known, without shadow of doubt, is that whoever it was, it most certainly was not the Apostle Barnabas. It was most probably a Muslim in Spain who, possibly the victim of the reconquest of his country, decided to take private revenge by composing a false Gospel under the assumed name of Barnabas to give his obnoxious forgery some measure of apparent authenticity. He probably first composed the Italian script to maintain this appearance of genuineness but simultaneously composed (or arranged for such a translation) a Spanish version for distribution in his own country. He may well have been the notorious Fra Marine or he may have been the translator Mustafa de Aranda, or indeed he may well have been both – using the two names for the same expedient ends as those he sought to achieve through using the name of Barnabas as the author of his book. He most certainly was someone far more at home in Spain in the Middle Ages rather than in Palestine at the time of Jesus Christ.”

  9. Ganiu,

    You refer to John 5:37 which requires a more careful study on your part. You have misinterpreted the meaning of the scripture.

    John 5:36-37

    Jesus says:

    “But the testimony which I have is greater than the testimony of John; for the works which the Father has given Me to accomplish — the very works that I do — testify about Me, that the Father has sent Me.

    “And the Father who sent Me, He has testified of Me. You have neither heard His voice at any time nor seen His form.

    “You do not have His word abiding in you, for you do not believe Him whom He sent.”
    The meaning of the phrase, “Ye have neither heard his voice” means that the Jews, to whom Jesus is speaking, were blinded, unwilling and unprepared to believe or listen to the evidence that He is the Messiah.

    Jesus tells them that they can not “hear” in this context it means to “listen” or “obey”.

    Matthew Henry’s Commentary says:

    “Our Lord returns to his declaration of the entire agreement between the Father and the Son, and declared himself the Son of God.

    “He had higher testimony than that of John; his works bore witness to all he had said.

    “But the Divine word had no abiding-place in their hearts, as they refused to believe in Him whom the Father had sent, according to his ancient promises.

    “The voice of God, accompanied by the power of the Holy Ghost, thus made effectual to the conversion of sinners, still proclaims that this is the beloved Son, in whom the Father is well pleased.

    “But when the hearts of men are full of pride, ambition, and the love of the world, there is no room for the word of God to abide in them.”
    The Gospel of Barnabus is blasphemy as is the Qur’an. Jesus is the Messiah. Not Muhammad.

    In fact, if you do some searching you will find that many versus in this so-called Gospel of Barnabus are in factual disagreement with Qur’anic passages anyway.

    “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15).

    Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you all truth before presenting lies and misdirecting others.

  10. God sent his son to save the world. To suffer the judgement of sin. Sin that has separated us all from him. But now he has made a way, a gift to be free from sin. I am glad to be free. Thank you Jesus

  11. What I don’t understand is that no Bible was written while Jesus was alive so whatever we have today is heresy and from the mind of a mere mortal, be it Paul, John or whoever. By now we know how the human brain, memory works…and also we know how religion has been used as a political power tool, specially the christian church. Could it be possible that any document questioning or casting a doubt on any supreme power would be vilified and also destroyed? After all even when we read the Quran no other book religion is denied, infact it clearly states that “…anyone who believes in one God is a musalman (muslim)”. Then what is the argument about? The three main book religions seem to be the same but I guess this is so inconvenient for the powers that be.

  12. According to the Gospel of Barnabas, Abraham seemed to be idolatry towards his father’s god and yet Quran 6:4 mentions that Abraham was against his father since he took idols as gods and yet the Gospel of Barnabas mentions that Abraham did not destroy the so-called, Baal, to be the god of his father.

    (سورة الأنعام, Al-An’aam, Chapter #6, Verse #74)-Mohsin Khan translation:

    ‘And (remember) when Ibrahim (abraham) said to his father Azar: “Do you take idols as alihah (gods)? Verily, I see you and your people in manifest error. ” ’

    Despite Quran 6:74 mentions that taking idols as gods to be error, The Gospel of Barnabas named the god of the father of Abraham to be great god. Not only that, the Gospel of Barnabas mentions that Abraham destroyed all other idols and yet reserved the god of the father of Abraham not to be destroyed and named it to be great god Baal. The following are the extracts from the Gospel of Barnabas, chapter 27 and 28:

    The Gospel of Barnabas, chapter 27:
    ‘Then said Philip: “O master, how came it to pass that Abraham’s father wished to burn his son?” Jesus answered: “One day, Abraham having come to the age of twelve years, his father said to him: “Tomorrow is the festival of all the gods; therefore we shall go to the great temple and bear a present to my god, GREAT BAAL. And you shall choose for yourself a god, for you are of age to have a god.”

    As the phrase, you shall choose for yourself a god, is mentioned in the Gospel of Barnabas, chapter 27, with the word, Abraham, it implies that the father of Abraham demanded Abraham to choose a god for himself.

    The Gospel of Barnabas, chapter 28:
    ‘When every one had departed from the temple, the prests close the temple and went away. Then Abraham took the axe and cut off the feet of all the idols, EXCEPT THE GREAT GOD BAAL….’

    As the phrase, except the great god Baal, is mentioned in the Gospel of Barnabas, chapter 28, it implies that Abraham did not destroy the god Baal and it turned up that he had chosen this god to be his god. Not only that, the phrase, except the great god Baal, in this verse has expressed this was not an ordinary god but a great god above other gods.

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