Obamas hostility towards Israel and smiles at Iran is absurd

«Should the US go to war with Israel to defend Irans nuclear weapons program?» John McCain just laughed as a response to this question But the defeated US candidate for Presidency should rather be crying.

Its not possible to make a just peace in the Middle East by pushing Israel to accept all the lies of Islam. Here Obama, Abbas and Netanyahu.
Its not possible to make a just peace in the Middle East by pushing Israel to accept all the lies of Islam. Here Obama, Abbas and Netanyahu.

During a television interview this week, Sen. John McCain was asked for his opinion of Brzezinski’s recommendation that the US shoot down IAF jets en route to Iran in a hypothetical Israeli air strike against Iran’s nuclear installations. He responded with derisive laughter. And indeed, the notion that the US would go to war against Israel to protect Iran’s nuclear installations is laughably absurd.

But while the Americans respond with laughter, they should rather start to cry. Because this is not the first absurd statement from the advisors who have guided Barak Hussein Obama.

In an interview in 2002, Samantha Powers, who serves as a senior member of Obama’s national security council, effectively called for the US to invade Israel in support of the Palestinians.

The weaker Obama becomes politically, the more readily Democrats and liberal reporters alike will acknowledge that attacking US allies while scraping and bowing before US foes is a ridiculous strategy for foreign affairs. Certainly no self-proclaimed realist can defend a policy based on denuding the US of its power and forsaking a US-based international system for one dictated by its foes.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the tripod meeting with Obama with an open mind. Still Obama puts a lot of pressure on the state of Israel to give in to Islamic demands.

Obama made no equivalent demands of the Palestinians. He did not precondition talks on freezing illegal Arab construction in Jerusalem, or on dismantling the Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorist group, or even simply on setting aside the Palestinian demand that Israel release convicted terrorists from its prisons.

To the contrary, Obama has energetically supported the establishment of a Palestinian unity government between Fatah and Hamas. Regardsless of the fact that the US State Department since 1995 has designated Hamas a foreign terrorist organization to which US citizens, including the US president, are required by law to give no quarter.

Source: Jerusalem Post, Column One.

My comment:

You should read the column of Caroline Glick. It will load your battery for the next weeks battles to defend Israel and the Jewish people.

Obama told in the UN:

«The greatest price of this conflict is not paid by us….. It’s paid for by the Palestinian boy in Gaza who has no clean water and no country to call his own».

Lets reflect on this.

Will a Fatah or a Hamas Government bring peace and clean water to this boy in Gaza?

If Hamas is the right government to solve this problem, why does this boy not have peace and drinking water today?

Is it Fatah who is the culprit, since it is not willing to enter into a government with Hamas?

Could Egypt be blamed for this? Since the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt has been closed since 2007?

Will this problem ever be solved, as long as Obama do not mention Hamas it self as the root of the problem, but keep on blaming the boys problems on Israel?

When will Obama say in public that Hamas is sponsored by Syria and Iran, and Radical Islam and terrorists can not be accepted as peace partners?

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