Norwegian Faith Healer charges 30 bucks for «meeting with miracles»

30 US Dollar. Thats what it takes to visit the «weekend of miracles» and get prayers from Norwegian Faith Healer, Svein Magne Pedersen.

You can get healed by Jesus without having to pay men like Svein Magne Pedersen
You can get healed by Jesus without having to pay men like Svein Magne Pedersen

Svein Magne Pedersen is announcing «Weekend of miracles» in the Norwegian township of Vennesla. The first one was held last Sunday. If you want to attend this meetings with this faith healer, you need to pay 30 USD as an entry fee.

«You have to pay to attend Conferences and concerts. We also need money to run our ministry. I have 16 to 17 employees on the pay roles», explains Pedersen.

The Faith healer explains to the secular Norwegian newspaper Fædreladsvennen, that the entry fee is not a payment for healing. «Your healing was already payed for by Jesus 2000 years ago», proclaims the healer.

The newspaper asked Pedersen is its not unfair that he demands entry fee?

«No problem. All Norwegians can afford to pay 30 USD. If someone reacts, let them complain. We are the first one in Norway to do this. Its not the first time we are the first to make a change», claims Pedersen.

«If you can afford to go to a doctor, you can also afford to bay 30 USD for entry. People who are healed by Jesus will save hundreds of dollar on medical care and medicine», explains the faith healer.

My comment:

First: Should we demand money?

I once was on a festival with the faith healer Benny Hinn. He also charged people an entry fee. Every Christian minister needs income, including my self. But I do not demand money for preaching, neither for praying. I even sing for free. A true Christian pastor will not tell people what they shall pay for the service. Let people give what they can, not want we demand or want.

Second: Who have authority to heal?

All Christian are called to, and have the authority to pray, anoint sick people with oil, and ask Jesus to heal them.

The good news is that people who seek Jesus, do not need to come for the meetings with Pedersen. And be aware that the Holy Spirit does not come on command of men, who charge money from you. Jesus said: «Freely you have received, and freely you give».

I always rejoice when people are healed. Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and of course Christians. The truth is that Healing is available to all men, regardless of their faith. Both believers in Jesus the Messiah, and non-believers. And Jesus even heals us from diseases we do not even know we have.

Third: Pedersen and the gift of healing

There will be people who have received the gift of Healing. Pedersen is one of them. But this gift was not meant to be uplifted and honored more by men, than then gift of administration. All gifts of the Holy Spirit were supposed to work together as one body of Christ. Still many Christians act towards people with the gift of healing, as they are «supermen», and these «supermen» often form their own private businesses.

I have an aunt who always says:
«I have to go to this meeting and get healed by Pedersen». She do not like me explaining that Pedersen can not heal anyone. But Jesus can heal, and He would love to heal both your not yet repented heart and your body.

We have to understand that sick people will flock towards men like Pedersen, and always rejoice when people are healed. But Pedersen and other faith healers have to be careful not to separate them self from the Church, not to take any credit for the healing´s, neither extort money from sick people.

Fourth: Money and healing

Even the majority of social clients, prostitutes and drug addicts in Norway can afford to pay 30 USD to come and «get healed» by Pedersen, or any expert in Kundalini.

But what if no miracles will take place during Pedersens «Weekend of miracles»? Will he than return the money?

I guess not.

Many people will end up in Hell, suddenly dying both rich and with a perfect health record. Simply because they never repented from their idol worship of money. Others will be sent to Hell because they taught it was possible to buy the Holy Spirit with money.

Jesus told people who flocked to the present time «Weekends of miracles», that they were an unfaithful and adulterous generation.

Matthew 12:39:

He answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.

2 thoughts on “Norwegian Faith Healer charges 30 bucks for «meeting with miracles»

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