UN legitimize Hamas and rejects the legal system of Israel

Both the IDF and the legal system of Israel do suspend officers, and even sends some of them to jails for war crimes. In Gaza ruthless killers are promoted as heroes and martyrs.

The UN promotes and supports the rule of the jungle in Gaza. This is from the Hamas takeover of the PA office.
The UN promotes and supports the rule of the jungle in Gaza. This is from the Hamas takeover of the PA office.

Many Israelis reacted angrily to the UNHRC’s probe of Israel’s prosecution of Operation Cast Lead.


Because the United Nations is presenting Israel, a liberal democracy, as the moral equivalent of Hamas. That is wickedness.

Because Hamas is an illegal terrorist organization dedicated to the commission of genocide against Israelis. Yet in their anger, they missed the real problem with the report.

As Prof. Avi Bell from Bar Ilan University law school notes, Richard Goldstone’s report does not present Israel and Hamas as moral equivalents. Rather, it presents Israel as terrorist and Hamas as a legitimate government.

The Goldstone Report does not accept as fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization. And that Hamas consequently, in accordance with binding UN Security Council resolutions, all UN member states are required to work to disband it and give no quarter to its members and supporters.

Instead it treats Hamas as equal with Israel. An Radical Islamic militant organization which is charter-bound to a policy of genocide against Jews and rose to power through a campaign of murder and intimidation.

In the UNHRC’s parallel universe, Hamas is the only lawful actor in town. Israel – and the Palestinian Authority under Fatah – are guilty of illegally persecuting Hamas by arresting its members.

Hamas, which is working to establish a terrorist Islamic theocracy in Gaza, is not seen as systematically violating human rights and freedom. Israel is. The Goldstone report downplayed the 12,000 rockets, mortars and missiles that Hamas and its terror affiliates in Gaza have shelled southern Israel with during the eight years preceding Operation Cast Lead.

Doing this, the Goldstone Commission was unable to understand the overwhelming popularity the operation enjoyed among the Israeli public. The Goldstone Report also downplays the importance of Hamas’s systematic persecution of women, Christians and its political opponents.

Source: Inspired by the Column One in Jerusalem Post, written by Caroline Glick.

2 thoughts on “UN legitimize Hamas and rejects the legal system of Israel

    1. Dear Ivan.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment. To evict the Nazis from Berlin in 1943-1944, was not going to be easy. If Obama was in the White House at that time, and the United Nations had overlooked Operation Overlord in Normandie in 1944, a few interesting things would have happened.

      1. The Nazis would have taken the matter to the United Nations, and the Security council would have voted for an cease fire.

      2. President Obama, who had just replaced Roosevelt, would have called Churchill, and told him to send a peace delegation to Berlin.

      3. The Global media would have started to expose war crimes of the Allied Forces on the civilian population in occupied France. The US general Patton and British General Montgomery would have been arrested, and sent for a trial at The International War Crime tribunal in the Haage.

      To evict the Nazis from Berlin, the Allied forces was forced to commit war crimes, and crimes against humanity. If the generals were not allowed to do so, Europe would still have been ruled by Hitler and the Nazis. When such evil criminals like the Nazis comes to power, they become like a cancer. Hitler was so heavily dug in, that it was almost impossible to get rid of him.

      In the last months of the War, two million Germans, most of them civilians, died during the Allied carpet bombing of Germany. The city of Dresden ceased to exist in the fire storm caused by such bombings.

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