Arabs to Israel: «You can fly over us, if you dont build on your ground»

Several Arab states in North Africa and the Persian Gulf region have offered Israel overflight rights in return for a complete halt to Jewish construction in Judea, Samaria and on the eastern side of Jerusalem.

The Israeli Air Force can enter Arabic air space whenever needed. Based on Israeli technology and brilliant pilots
The Israeli Air Force can enter Arabic air space whenever needed. Based on Israeli technology and brilliant pilots

This has been recored on the account of an unnamed US official who spoke to the Washington Times. The official told the newspaper that the various Arab states had presented the proposal, which also included lifting a travel ban against Israeli citizens, to US Middle East envoy George Mitchell.

The offer was expected to be passed on to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he met with US President Barack Obama and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in New York on Tuesday.

While Israel is unlikely to accept such an offer unless these states make it publicly, it was seen as a tempting exchange by Israeli commentators, both from a political and an economic standpoint. Currently, Israeli airliners must take long detours when flying to the Far East or Australia, as they cannot fly over the rest of the Middle East.

Source: The Washington Times.

My comment:

This Arab suggestion is a non-flyer. I once remember flying up to Israel from Asia. That was a long flight. We could not fly over Pakistan and Iran, and had to fly out in the Indian Ocean. To get into Israel, we also had to fly around Saudi Arabia, and up the narrow corridor to Eilat.

Thats inconvenient, and costs a lot of extra fuel. But its not impossible. And Israel will forever manage to pay that little extra.

If the Arab World think they are doing something great by suggesting that Israeli aircraft can start to use the atmosphere over their land in return for the Mountains in Zion and East Jerusalem, think again.

What they are demanding in the death of Judaism and Zionism, a surrender of the future of the Jewish people. if the Jews can not build on their land, what is the use of more air corridors?

The truth is that the IAF can fly over Arab land whenever it requires. It did so during the wars of 1967, 1973, 1981, and 2006. It does so every day when needed. In 1983 the Israeli Air Force bombed Sadams nuclear reactor before it was operational. In 2008, Israel displayed its Military supremacy over Syria, when IAF pilots destroyed a secret Syrian nuclear facility.

If the Arab nations wants peace, there is only one thing that is needed. Recognize the Jewish state of Israel´s´right to exist.

4 thoughts on “Arabs to Israel: «You can fly over us, if you dont build on your ground»

  1. Israeli Airlines won’t overfly any hostile Arab airspace for security reasons, so this unofficial Arab offer may not be beneficial to the Israelis. Later on Arabs will demand the “return” of those so called Palestinians to Israeli lands their ancestors occupy before when they invaded Israel in the ancient times while Israelis don’t have the right to return to hostile countries where their ancestors live since their exile.

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