Danish MP: «Palestinians» who attack Denmark and Israel should go back home

Denmarks Peoples Party request Arab Palestinians who are not happy with Danish policy towards Israel to go back home.

Danish party chairman Pia Kjærsgaard is tired of complaining Arab Palestinians
Pia Kjærsgaard is tired of complaining Arab Palestinians

Pia Kjærsgaard is the chairman of Denmarks Peoples Party. She remembers her younger days, when the conflict between Israel and the Arab Palestinians were located in the Middle East.

«I will request Palestinians that are not happy in Denmark, and who keeps on complaining in public about Denmark’s relationship with Israel, to go back home», says Kjærsgaard

«In the old days we could support Israel in their struggle against Palestinian terrorists who «bravely» attacked everything from school children, tourists and sportsmen. When they attacked Europa the conflict came closer to us. But the conflict will never become «Danish», proclaims the party leader.

Kjærsgaard spoke at the opening of the annual party convention in the city of Herning:

«Today, hardly a week goes by without complaints from Palestinians all over Denmark, in our municipalities and in our daily life. Everywhere we have to listen to their endless list of complaints. I am tempted to say: «Please go back home».

My comment:

The Arabs who claims to be Palestinians refuses to face the realities of life. Israel is there, despite the Islamic nations endless effort to make her vanish.

And to their shame, there is already two million Arab Israelis living inside the state of Israel, with citizenship in the state of Israel. The majority of them Muslims.

Since Denmark might be a more advanced society than the Israeli in some areas, and even have a better social security system, what are the claimed to be Palestinians complaining about?

They are not happy enjoying freedom, social security benefits and democracy in Denmark, as long as the Jews are not suffering.

So let them go back home. Let them enjoy their »freedom» in Gaza, or in Ramallah. Because the only reason they claim a right to return to Israel, is a desire to destroy the Jewish homeland.

What should be the other reasons for demanding a return to a state they hate so much?

3 thoughts on “Danish MP: «Palestinians» who attack Denmark and Israel should go back home

  1. In case you confused people didn’t know, the Palestinians are practicing something called “The freedom of speech”, something this diabolic MP is supposedly fighting for. Her hypocracy is amazing, according to her, only racists like her are entitled to speak freely while others aren’t.
    and the “comment” by the author is absolutely mind blowing childish and ridiculous, actually hilariously ignorant. I suggest you go find something else to do, bcoz you are obviously doing a very bad job here.
    And a side-note: My christian-palestinian friends say that you are not true christians, rather a disgrace who deserves to be spit in the face. Instead of standing with your christian fellows in Palestine, you gang up with zionist jews against them… Good job!

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I just want to share something here. Why is it that whenever there are disputes in governing two or more different cultures in one place, religions were always mentioned? Does religion has the great role to discipline a man? Because we might be living with religions by our faith and not living our faith to our religions.

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