The US had to reject the UN War crimes accusations against Israel

The US can not support the UN demand for war crime trial of the IDF. Simply because the Pentagon would have to be tried in a likewise manner.

US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice with Us President Barack Obama.
US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice with US President Barack Obama.

Susan Rice is the U.S. ambassador to the UN. She has rejected a UN proposal to compel Israel and Hamas to conduct credible investigations into war crimes during last winter’s war in Gaza operation, or face possible prosecution by an international prosecutor.

Rice said the U.S. has long had«very serious concerns» about the mandate the Human Rights Council gave to the Goldstone panel, calling it «unbalanced, one-sided and basically unacceptable».

«Our view is that we need to be focused on the future», Rice said.

«This is a time to work to cement progress towards the resumption of negotiations and their early and successful conclusion and our efforts, and we hope the efforts of others, will be directed to that end».

Source: The Washington Post

My comment:

The issue of United Nations claims of Israeli war crimes in Gaza will put the US on a sticky wicket.

The US Marines and Army have «killed» more Muslims soldiers and Muslim civilians in Iraq, than Israel have done in Gaza and the so-called West Bank during 30 years of pure self-defense.

Afghanistan is another example of the US fighting a war that will claim innocent victims. As long as innocent people are killed, its always a crime against humanity.

Some two weeks ago American airplanes fired on two oil tankers in northern Afghanistan. It was a German officer who’d asked the U.S. air force to attack the tankers in the middle of the night, in a populated area. The attack was successful, the two tankers were hit, went up in flames and were destroyed.

But the overwhelming American-German air attack killed some 70 people. Some of those brought to hospitals were severely injured – with mutilated faces, burned hands and charred bodies.

Was it a war crime?

Should the American Generals be held accountable, arrested and brought before the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague?

Would the International War Crimes Tribunal be able to summon the Taliban leadership as trustable witnesses?

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