Gaza: Norwegian Media applauds two criminals as they were heroes

Norwegian journalists applauded during a press conference. Not for an Olympic Gold medalist, but for two anti-semitic doctors who supported Hamas during Operation cast lead in Gaza.

Gilbert and Fosse. To heavy critics of Israel, who were hiding Hamas terrorist just under the surgery table.
Gilbert and Fosse. Two heavy critics of Israel, doctors who were hiding Hamas terrorists just under the surgery table.

Normally Journalists do not applaud during a press conference. But during a press conference in Oslo yesterday, the Norwegian press corps applauded two Hamas supporters. The only critical reporter was on duty for the Norwegian Christian daily «DagenMagazinet».

The two Norwegian doctors Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse became famous during operation Cast Lead in Gaza in January this year. On Prime Time American television, they accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza.

Later it was discovered that the hospital where the two Norwegian doctors were working, was hiding the Hamas leadership. They were placed under this safe building, in an underground bunker. To tell lies is bad enough. But to hide Islamic terrorists under the pretext of being doctors saving lives, is not only a crime. Its evil. No wounder the lights in the hospital were switched off during video-camera shooting, to put the blame on the IDF and Israel.

That the Norwegian media do not ask critical questions, but rather applaud two men that do not tell the truth, shows us level of corruption in the press. The book the two Norwegian doctors is having the tittle «Eye in Gaza». The truth is that the two doctors have blinded the World in regards to what really happened in Gaza. The two Norwegians them self did participate in demonizing Israel and the Jewish people.

Read more about Gilbert and Fosse and their reporting from Gaza: Click here

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