Five American Presidents and their faulty relations with Israel

None of them have told the truth about Israel. Now Obama is copying the same mistakes that Jimmy Carter did when He was ruling in the White House between 1976 and 1980 They deny the Word of God, and promotes the lies told by Islam.

Six powerful men that rejects the Word of God and sides with Islam in regards to Israel.
Five powerful men that rejects the Word of God and sides with Islam in regards to Israel.

Questions to Obama:

President Obama, when addressing the Muslim world, did you really mean to say that Israel deserves a country only because of the Holocaust?

Are you, a believing Christian, unaware of the historical ties of Jews to this land?

You fed the current argument that Arabs should not have to suffer for the sins of the Europeans. Was this not a colossal mistake, indicating that you may lack the skill to serve as an impartial negotiator between Israelis and Palestinians?

You want a freeze in settlement building, but if the Israelis continue with the settlement enterprise, do you plan sanctions to pressure Israel?

Instead of showing Obama speaking of matters related to the Middle East, with images of the conflict being flashed across our TV screens for dramatic effect, and instead of propagandizing for right-wing policies, Fox’s Bill O’Reilly should ask some of the above penetrating questions.

Questions to Jimmy Carter:

You met with Hamas leaders and reported their willingness to recognize Israel within the 1967 borders. You present Hamas as reasonable partners to peace negotiations.

But how reasonable are they when they introduce Shari’a law and deputize a “God squad” to enforce it?

Did you ask them about Gilad Schalit who, contrary to international law, is denied any rights?

Does that sound reasonable to you? Isn’t the protection of human rights your calling card?

Did you ask them to explain their violent takeover of Gaza, or why more Palestinians have been killed by Palestinians than by Israelis, including during the war and the entire intifada, often in the most brutal fashion imaginable?

What type of peace agreement do you envision, given the fractious division between Fatah and Hamas?

Even as we watch a grinning Jimmy Carter fawning all over Hamas’s Ismail Haniyeh, praising his supposed moderation, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour should be asking these piercing questions instead of advertising her own soon-to-be-aired self-aggrandizing program.

Source: Questions asked by David Forman, a columnist is Jerusalem Post:

Algerian daily: «Muslim children sold to Jews who steal their organs»

Algerian children are purportedly sold to Israelis and American Jews, who then harvest their organs for sale in Israel and the United States. The organs are said to fetch anywhere from USD 20,000 to USD 100,000.

The Holocaust started with educated people spreading lies about the Jewish people
The Holocaust started with educated people spreading lies about the Jewish people

This story was first reported by the Algeria daily «Al-Khabar»

The source for the Al-Khabar report seems to be a Dr. Mustafa Khayatti, head of the Algerian National Committee for the Development of Health Research. Khayatti reportedly claimed that several Jews were arrested in New York in connection with the trade. He claimed Interpol knew of the situation and was leading the investigation into the abductions.

“The arrest of Jewish organ trafficking gangs does not mean that the danger has gone; top officials and specialists in this issue assert that there are other Jewish gangs who remain active in several Arab countries,” Khayatti was quoted as saying.

Picking up on the Algerian report, the official Iranian news agency PressTV claimed that the Jewish group “is said to be connected to Israeli Rabbi Levi Rosenbaum, who was recently arrested in New Jersey for the direct involvement in importing human organs.”

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Every crime starts with a corrupt mind. The crimes against the Jewish people always starts with a lie being told, and distributed by media.

The Nazis in Germany stated the Holocaust by putting up lies about the Jews on the windows of Jewish shops.
The Nazis in Germany stated the Holocaust by putting up lies about the Jews on the windows of Jewish shops from 1936 onwards.

The Holocaust did not start in a vacuum. It started by carefully invented stories about the Jewish people being «untermench», lower beings, people who did not deserve any dignity or respect.

Based on such stories, hate towards the Jewish people could breed into Fascism taking over Europe, and later into a full blown genocide in the gas chambers in Germany and Poland.

The so-called free and democratic World are again walking into the trap of Satan, who always have worked for the extermination of all Jews from the surface of the Earth. Simply because the existence of Jews, are the best proof that there is a living God, and that Satan is a liar, and the father of all lies.

As long as there is one Jew standing, you can be sure that the Bible is the truth, and that Satan and all his children will all end up in the lake of Fire.

Now, you chose which side you want to be on. When the Messiah returns, you will not escape judgment for harming the people of Israel.

Lost US property money in Dubai to return to the Pentagon

American Investors have lost billions of US dollar in the Real estate market in Dubai. The money will soon be returned to America, and finally end up in the Pentagon.

US dollars have changed hands in Dubai, soon to be used to by firearms from the Pentagon
US dollars have changed hands in Dubai, soon to be used to by firearms from the Pentagon

Dubai’s biggest property firm Emaar Properties lost 350 million dollar in three months between April and June 2009. The company also have also posted heavy looses in their US home division.

Its always a puzzle where all these «lost money» ends up. The US dollar bills do surely not end up in outer space. The money change hands. When the US Ministry of Defense could not account for billions of USD notes that was «lost» in Iraq, there was surely someone who got a nice and handsome amount of USD notes on their table.

America is an expert in «loosing» dollar notes in the Middle East. Why do they do that?

In the circle of money, the US is always the biggest gainer. Because if the people in the Middle East does not get their hands on USD notes, they will not have the purchasing power to buy American products. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai is one of the hot clients of Pentagon. The money that has been stolen from naive American property investors, will surely be used to buy American fighter jets and missiles.

The US Government have few objections to such theft of Investors money in Dubai, a ploy set up by the endless list of Arabic princes.Because in the end, it benefits the American strategic interests in the region. The firearm the these prices will purchase from the US, will be pointing towards Iran.

The problem with this hypocritical American attitude is that the US politics produce evil, that always ends up targeting Israel and the Americans them selves. The September 11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York city was not a product of innocence in the American leadership. It was the end result of America it self providing finances, firearms and military training to the Taliban to right the Red Army in Afghanistan. The US have military bases in Saudi Arabia, not because its such a nice Holiday destination.

The US Governments endless love of money is the root of all evil.

Read more about the US promoted arms race in the Middle East: Click here

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