US to squeeze Israel for 100 million dollar for each F-35

The F-35 plane is estimated to have a sticker price of USD 100 million, which has made many Israeli officials wondering how many they can afford to buy.

Senior Israeli defense officials told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that a continued refusal by the Pentagon to allow Israel to integrate Israeli systems into the next-generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will probably lead to a delay in Israel signing a contract.

Israel has planned to buy the first squadron of 25 aircraft, which will push back even further the day when the first F-35’s will arrive in Israel.

«The negotiations are still ongoing and we do not even know yet what the price of the aircraft will be», said a top officer involved in the negotiations.

The plane is estimated to have a sticker price of USD 100 million. The high price is worrysome. But the IDF also worry that their fleets of F-15s and F-16’s, some of which are decades old, may not be adequate to attack Iran’s heavily defended nuclear sites in case it becomes necessary. The F-35 would be an ideal choice for the IAF, but obstacles remain.

«The plane is not yet operational and is not even in production», a senior defense official said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The IDF needs to stay ahead in technology on the Middle East, also in regards to fighter jets.

But I feel its wrong to mention the F 35 as the key weapon that will deal with a nuclear Iran. The F 35 will simply be delieved to late. The price tag of 100 million USD each also show what kind of money making machine the Pentagon is.

Israel already have the weapons needed to strik and destroy Irans nuclear weapons program. That has to be done by cruise missiles, launched from submarines inside the Persian Gulf. When the Iranian anti-aircraft batteries are knocked out, a Combined air attack with the existing F- 16 fleet will get the job done.

People of Israel, and soldiers in the IDF:

All true followers of the Messiah stands by your right to self-defense against the present evil and wicked government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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