France: «Military strike on Iran nukes no longer viable»

The head of the French military said Thursday that military intervention is no longer a viable option to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear capability.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and General Jean-Louis Georgelin,
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Chief General Jean-Louis Georgelin.

French Chief of staff General Jean-Louis Georgelin said following a speech that he believes a military operation would be too risky.

«It is very difficult to plan a military operation in Iran, because we are not sure in one shot to be able to solve a problem and if you fail in one shot, it is a catastrophe», he said in English.

« I don’t think at this stage a military option is still available»

Georgelin was answering a question after a speech at the Atlantic Council in Washington on France’s new relationship with NATO and stressed that the comment was his opinion.

Georgelin was in the United States to attend a ceremony Wednesday as French Gen. Stephane Abrial became the first non-American officer to permanently fill a NATO command post. The new position followed France’s decision this year to return to NATO’s military command, a decision-making body within the U.S.-dominated alliance.

The frank military assessment on Iran appeared to go beyond recent public comments by French officials.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Source: Multiple media.

My comment:

France had a similar option to strike Nazi-Germany in the earlier days of the Nazi-regime. But in the years of 1933 to 1937, there was not many in France who believed that Hitler would be capable of attacking the mighty Imperial power of Paris.

They were wrong.

After Paris had surrendered to Hitler, Winston Churchill was left with two options. To start to negotiate with Berlin, to find a peaceful solution to the hostility. Or keep on fighting to the bitter end.

This man never gave up, and Hitler was defeated.
This man never gave up, and Hitler was defeated.

Unlike the former Prime Minister Neville Chamberline, Churchill had discernment. The new bold British Prime Minister told his people:

«It will be suicide to believe a single word from Herr Hitler. We will have to fight, and never surrender».

Churchill was right. Paris was wrong, and the future of France was kept at the mercy of people who was not willing to give up the fight against all odds.

The President of France and his generals in Paris is again speaking utter non sense.

If the International community could agree that they would not accept a «nuclear Ayatollah», they could today it self have stopped Iran. They could have moved their supreme military might, and gone to Theran and switched off the lights in the nuclear reactors. At any given moment. And after switching the reactors off, they would have removed the switch, so the reactors could not be restarted.

First when Iran has produced their first two Nuclear bombs, that move would be «to risky». Because the second bomb might one day have blown up the resident of the French generals in Paris.

The problem is that the International community do not agree that acting today, would be a «wise move».


Because all the former, present and «want to be» super powers are marking money on their relations with Iran, even making money on the Iranian nuclear program.

The worst culprit is France, who up till this minute are the main trading partner with Tehran. The US and France has in fact provided Iran with the basic technology, that the present regime have improved to make their atomic bomb.

In regards to the nuclear threat from Iran, they are all Hypocrites from they get up in the morning, to they go to bed in the evening. From Washington through Paris to Moscow.

Read more about the powers who have Iran nuclear technology: Click here

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