Hizbullah enters Venezuela for training and fund raising

«Hizbullah has built a network of relations with Venezuelan citizens, making Caracas Hizbullah’s gateway into Latin America»

God friends. Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez at the last America summt at Trinidad
God friends, or a sign of Obamas total lack of discernment. The US President and Hugo Chavez at the last America summit at Trinidad.

The U.S. Treasury Department says a Venezuelan diplomat accredited in Beirut, Ghazi Nasr al Din, provided support to Hizbullah, including help with setting up its fund-raising apparatus in Latin America.

For example, the IRGC is cooperating closely with Venezuelan intelligence agencies.

Hizbullah’s presence has been detected behind the proliferation of Shiite mosques in Ecuador. Hizbullah has been involved in contraband drugs in Colombia and in illegal immigrant traffic in Mexico. It is also expanding its presence in the region via proxies such as «Hizbullah Argentina» and «Hizbullah Venezuela».

Chamberlaine trusted Hitler. He had no discernment at all.
Chamberlaine trusted Hitler. He had no discernment at all.

Tehran employs a combination of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Lebanese terrorist group Hizbullah in its covert operations. The presence of both organizations in Latin America has substantially increased in recent years.

Source: Roman D. Ortiz in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The writer is a professor at the School of Economy at Los Andes University in Bogota, Columbia.

My comment:

On of the reader of this newspaper on the net, once told me that Israel has to accept Hamas, because it is an elected government.

Lets presume this was right. If the majority of the people in the United States of America wants to enforce Sharia laws in Washington, would you accept this?

Should you set a side the US Constitution, and give the key to the Senate to men sent by Mahmoud Ahamdinejad?

You need to reflect on this, because in Lebanon, most of the Shiite Muslim voters wants dictatorship. They elect terrorists, and wants the Iranian backed Hizbullah to take over the Prime Ministers office.

Let me also remind you that 40 per cent of the Germans voted for Adolf Hitler. Since the Nazi-party in Germany was the biggest party in 1932, I guess Hitler had both a moral right, and the constitutional right to govern?

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