The difference between priests hiding Iraqis and good Samaritans in Denmark.

Danish priests are divided in their views on hiding Iraqis in Churches. These are the same Churches that helped Jews escape deportation to Nazi-Germany. What is the difference between than and now?

Danish Bishop Steen Skovsgaard will mot hide Iraqi Muslims in a Church
Danish Bishop Steen Skovsgaard will mot hide Iraqi Muslims in a Church.

Danish Bishop Steen Skovsgaard have publicly commented that he will not allow Iraqi citizens to hide in a Church.

«Its does not benefit their cause», explains Skovsgaard.

Another Danish TV- priest has publicly supported parish priest Per Ramsdal in Brorsons Church, who played hide and seek with the Danish Police. Both the priests are using the parable of the good Samaritan as the theological defense. A Christian Christian daily has published a story that 25 per cent of Danish priests supports such views.

Source: The Danish Christian daily «Kristelig Dagblad».

My comment:

In 1940, the head of the Danish Church, the King, prevented thousands of Jews from being arrested and deported to Nazi-Germany. He helped them to escape to neutral Sweden.

Why cant the Danish Church do the same with Iraqis today, so they are not deported back to Iraq?

There are two obvious differences:


The Iraqis are not going to be deported to a foreign country, but requested to return to their own country. The Germans demanded that Danish King should expel Danish Jews from their homeland Denmark.


There is no death penalty in Iraq for being an «Iraqi» or a »Muslim». Iraqis in Denmark are requested to go back home and rebuild their own country. In Nazi-Germany there were a death penalty for being Jewish. The Jews were not going to be deported for any other reasons, than being slaughtered and murdered in the Holocaust.

The motives behind Church asylum

The start of the Church asylum institution in Norway in the 1980-ties, was a bid to ask the Government to respect this tool as an emergency tool. The ideology behind this move, was to buy more time for the asylum seeker to document that a return to his country of origin would put his life in danger. Examples of people who came to seek refuge in Churches, was homosexuals from Iran, and Muslim converted to Christianity within the Muslim World.

When priests in the Danish Church hide Iraqi Muslims inside their Churches, it is a grave misuse of this institution. This kind of illegality, can not be defended by quoting Jesus of the Bible, but is based on various political motives. This is not a fruit of true Christian spirituality, but a fruit of worldliness.

To use the parable of the good Samaritan to defend holding back Iraqi Muslims in Churches in Denmark, is to misuse and twist the Word of God. There were no one willing to help the wounded man, lying helpless on the road, but the good man from Samaria.

The Iraqi youth that was hidden in a Church in Copenhagen is more than capable of helping them self.

Read more about the debate around Brorsons Church in Copenhagen: Click here

3 thoughts on “The difference between priests hiding Iraqis and good Samaritans in Denmark.

  1. Hello dears,

    There are so many people comes to the Lord Jesus Christ but any of the people really following the true advise from Him?

    The people of Europeans must change their foolish mind and adapt the culture of Christians.

    Changing the promises, and so on

    1. Dear Nazarene Mohammed.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Yes many Christians drink to much alcohol, and there are also other issues. But do not forget that the New Testament do not forbid to drink a little wine. Jesus very first miracle was to change water into wine in the wedding in Kana.

      I guess the Jews had a nice party, with not to much wine.

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