IDF Colonel: «Hamas booby-trapped full buildings in Gaza»

«A platoon leader threw a grenade into a building, opposite our command post, and the entire building exploded and collapsed in a single moment».

IDF colonel
IDF Colonel Hertzi Halevy explains how Hamas put innocent civilians in Gaza in extreme danger to hike up the death numbers and blame Israel.

This was told to reporters by Colonel Hertzi Halevy, commander of the IDF Paratrooper Brigade. He had a big struggle by saving his men from being killed entering civilian houses on the Gaza strip.

«Your biggest nightmare is sending a platoon of 25 people into a three-story building, and half an hour later the entire building collapses», explains Halevy.

To fight Hamas terrorist, who are willing to kill their own people to blame the IDF, the Israeli military had do move into the Gaza strip with maximum care.

«In the Sultine neighborhood we found 50 explosive charges spread over an area of 70 meters. If an armored personnel carrier had gone in, we would have lost ten men. These are facts, not impressions. And why didn’t Hamas set off all of these explosives? Because we entered using the proper degree of force», claims the IDF-colonel.

The Israeli commander continue to tell us the inside story from Operation Cast lead.

«I’ve met many military men from around the world and I’ve learned from them. Most of the dilemmas that we deal with simply do not exist for military officers in other Western armies. For them, in a case like the Sultine neighborhood, it would first receive massive air bombardment, followed by softening up with artillery and mortar fire, and only afterwards would the first soldier be sent into the area, if at all. But the IDF set aside the principle of surprise in order to warn the civilians that we were about to enter the area».

Colonel Hertzi Halevy also explains that «prisoner exchanges» leads to more terrorism:

«During the first year that I served as commander in northern Samaria, which included Jenin, suicide bombers from my area of authority were responsible for the deaths of more than 40 Israeli civilians. The entire infrastructure of the Islamic Jihad, who presented us with such difficult challenges during this period, was comprised of terrorists who had been released in the 2004 prisoner exchange».

Source: Maariv-Hebrew.

My comment:

Yesterday the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz published a story about the civilian casualties in the last Gaza war.

Everyone who is a true follower of Jesus as the Messiah is against wars. Its an expression of the horrible failure of the wicked human race. But the story from the IDF colonel might put some light to why innocent civilians lost their life in Gaza.

The massive explosions in and around the UN center in Gaza is a good example. Hamas fires on the IDF from the UN center, Israel fires back, and pre-planted explosives goes off to make it look like Israel is using extreme force to try to kill maximum of people in Gaza.

This episode was an Islamic war invention, based up on lies and deception.

Read more about how the IDF protected civilians during operation Cast Lead in Gaza: Click here

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