Chinese media: «Norway may take Hamas prisoners freed for Schalit»

Some Palestinian prisoners freed in exchange for abducted IDF soldier Gilad Schalit could be exiled to Norway and other European countries, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported on Tuesday.

Will a release of these men bring peace to the Norwegians and to Israel?
Will a release of these men bring peace to the Norwegians and to Israel?

A Norwegian security official reportedly traveled to the Gaza Strip last week to meet with Hamas leaders regarding the deal. Israel is prepared to release 450 Palestinian prisoners as soon as Hamas delivers Schalit to Egypt, the sources said, and will free another 550 once the abducted soldier arrives in Israel.

This was the first time that a European state has expressed such a willingness in connection with Schalit. Following the IDF’s 2002 Operation Defensive Shield in the West Bank, 13 Fatah terrorists holed up in Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity were exiled to several European countries.

Norway has been in regular contact with Hamas leaders in Gaza and Damascus since its victory in the 2006 Palestinian elections. The report comes as the Schalit family released to the media a letter he wrote just four months after his abduction by Palestinian terror militias in 2006. Israel had demanded the letter as a condition for beginning negotiations for a prisoner swap. In it, Schalit says he is in poor health and suffering from depression


My comment:

This media report might be false. But suppose it is correct:

Have the Norwegian Government taken permission from the Norwegian people for giving asylum to Islamic terrorists?

Do Norway know that they are doing?

I feel this will be cheating from the Norwegian Government. Cheating on Israel, and cheating on the Norwegian people.

if these killers have been sentenced to prison in Israel, they should be exiled to a prison in Norway. The problem is that Norwegians are not even able to look after their own criminals, having long waiting lists in prisons.

How, than, will Norway be able to look after members of Hamas?

After their release and proposed «exile», these Hamas members will soon be back in the business of killing Jews. Fed with Norwegian tax payers money.

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