Jane Fonda have joined the growing list of artists who are boycotting the Toronto film festival. The reason: The program honoring Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary.

Former US president candidate John Kerry and Jane Fonda in earlier days.
Former US president candidate John Kerry and Jane Fonda in earlier days.

The three have added their names to a letter aimed at festival officials claiming that Tel Aviv was built on violence, ignoring the ‘suffering of thousands of former residents and descendants.

Two-time Oscar winner Rabbi Marvin Hier, who founded the Simon Wiesenthal Center, called the boycott «an attack on the heart and soul of Israel» People who support letters like this are people who do not support a two-state solution,’ he was quoted .

«By calling into question the legitimacy of Tel Aviv, they are supporting a one-state solution, which means the destruction of the State of Israel. I applaud the organizers of the festival for celebrating on the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv. If every city in the Middle East would be as culturally diverse, as open to freedom of expression as Tel Aviv is, then peace would long have come to the Middle East».

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda

Jan Fonda (72), rose to fame as an actress in the 1960s, but has since become known for her political activism, including her opposition to the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

Source: AJP and Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Fonda denies working to destruction of Israel

The American movie and TV-star refute the charges:

«I, in no way, support the destruction of Israel. I am for the two-state solution. I have been to Israel many times and love the country and its people», Fonda is quoted saying to a web-site.

My comment:

You have to be choosy, not to lend your name to all kinds of protest movements. It is possible that Jane Fonda think that she is supporting a two-state-solution. And she might not be aware that the city of Tel Aviv was founded by Jews in 1909, while the promised land was a one-state-solution under occupation by the Ottoman Empire.

Jan Fonda has also earlier claimed that Israel has robbed land from the Arabs

An educated anti-war activist like Jane Fonda can not hide behind such ignorance.

If Jane Fonda feels the need to boycott the foundation of Tel Aviv, she must address that issue with the British Government. A more suitable arena for Jane Fonda will be a boycott of any British Film Festival. Since it was United Kingdom who took over the control of Tel Aviv in 1917, and never returned that city to the former Islamic occupiers.

To boycott anything Israeli will not force anything but an Islamic one-state-solution on the Jewish people. Than Jane Fonda have achieved to bring Tel Aviv under the control of Radical Islam or Mecca.