Israel: Netanyahu briefed on the up coming strike on Iranian nuclear facilities

Yesterday, the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu «disappeared» for 10 hours. Rumors spread that the PM had gone abroad for urgent talks. More likely the PM was briefed by his generals about the finished game plan to strike Iran.

IDF supreme commander Gabi Ashkenazi is ready to do his duty to protect the Jewish people from another genocide
IDF supreme commander general Gabi Ashkenazi is ready to do his duty to protect the Jewish people from another genocide.

Jerusalem Post could not come up with a valid explanation for the sudden unknown whereabouts of the Israeli Prime Minister.

The paper wrote:

«After hours of speculation, and numerous inquiring phone calls, the PMO finally released the following laconic statement Monday evening: «The Prime Minister’s military attaché reports that the prime minister is visiting a security installation inside Israel».

The Newspaper has ruled out a simple and valid explanation:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is about to take the most difficult decision in his life.

«When will it be to late to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb that will genocide the Jewish people, and destroy the city of Tel Aviv»?

The answer was given yesterday, by the top generals of the IDF.

«You will have to act alone, and do it within weeks».

The worst coward that has ever entered the White House in Washington, will most likely not lift a finger. To the radical opposite, Barack Hussein Obama will side with the Muslim World in their condemnation of the urgent and soon to come massive Israeli missile strike on Iran.


Israel’s inner cabinet mets at Mossad HQ

The Monday meeting was held behind closed doors but military sources report that speakers underscored the rapid tempo of the developing Iranian threat. Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu went on to pay an extended visit to Mossad headquarters for talks with its chief Meir Dagan and other officers.

Source: DEBKAfile Special Report

12 thoughts on “Israel: Netanyahu briefed on the up coming strike on Iranian nuclear facilities

  1. I had also read the Jpost article and thought the government response was lame at best. Your conjecture may prove to be right.
    You are very correct is saying we have a coward for president.

    1. Dear Dallas Kirk.

      It was his speech in Cairo, that open my eyes to the truth of who Barack Obama is. A semi-Muslim, that can not even quote the Koran correctly. I do not know if He has read the Bible. At least once.

    1. Dear James.

      Dont say sorry. You are free to copy your comments all over the site, and on all other web-sites as well. Spread the good news.

      This technical RSS-feed goes fare over my head. Please explain who I can find out.

  2. Few if any president’s write their own speeches but he should have caught the mistake if he bothers reading the Koran. I am hearing strange things yesterday that he might also be of Jewish heritage. Have you heard this?

    1. Brother. I am not aware of this.

      I once worked for a minister, writing his speeches. Do never think that the Ministers can escape responsibilities for what they have spoken.

      In regards to Obama and Islam, its not only about his understanding of the Koran. Its also a matter of living in denial of what Islam is all about. A rejection of the truth, revealed to us in the Holy Bible.

    1. Dear Dallas Kirk.

      Shalom. I will visit this site, and give you feedback. I am a little bit busy today, so give me grace and little bit more time.

      1. Dear brother.

        I took a first two minutes look.

        I do not like sites like this. For several reasons:

        It makes us busy focusing on Satan, rather than doing the will of God, spending our time explaining who Jesus is by our good deeds. We are suppose to shine as lights among men. I also run the danger of spending to much time on by blog.


        This looks like a replacement theology site, since it promotes books like this:

        «Jewish Researcher Warns Satan is Using Zionism to Destroy the World!».

        Zionism is surely not perfect, and have many ways and directions. But Biblical Zionism is surely from God, the greatest Zionists of them all.

    1. Dear brother.

      I agree. I do not mind watching DVD`s and read books about God. But I do not fail to read the Bible, and crosscheck whatever people teach me.

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