Israel expects to help base new US missile shield

Israel’s Defense Ministry is preparing for the possibility that the US will use the X-Band radar already in place in the Negev desert as part of its plans to build a shield to protect Europe and its Arab allies against Iranian ballistic missiles.

What is the difference between a Islamic suicide bomber and an Islamic suicide rocket?
What is the difference between a Islamic suicide bomber and an Islamic suicide rocket?

Late last month reports surfaced that the Obama administration was abandoning plans to base radar and interceptor missiles in eastern Europe and looking for alternatives, with Israel and Turkey being natural choices.

Next month Israel and the US will hold the largest ever «Juniper Cobra» missile defense exercise and there has been extensive collaboration between the two allies on missile defense technology and high-level military cooperation.

Meanwhile, efforts to prepare Israel for a future confrontation with Iran continued on Sunday with a large-scale drill in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market simulating a massive terrorist attack.


My comment:

Yesterday, I tuned into CNN.

A leader of the Jewish settlers had the following comment:

Nuclear North Korea is building missiles that can carry Nuclear warheads to Japan and the US. Iran is building a nuclear bomb, and have said it will wipe Israel of the map. And the International community is occupied with the issue if my daughter is going to build a house next to mine? That is crazy.

The Norwegian Government is targeting an Israeli company who build video surveillance systems that traces suicide bombers on their way into Israel. While their Nato partners wants to set up a similar video surveillance systems in Israel, that will spot and target «Iranian suicide rockets» on their way into Israel. Thats is equally crazy.

But the difference is obvious.

So fare the Norwegian Minister of Finance, Kristin Halvorsen have not faced an Islamic suicide bomber. Neither has a solider of «Allah» walked into her house, nor have they blown up the reception in the Finance Ministry in Oslo. But Norway do respond through Nato to the nuclear treat from Iran, because these rockets will not only harm Israel.

So the logic in the Norwegian Government seems to be:

«To Hell with Jewish families who are slaughtered by suicide bombers sent by Fatah or Hamas, as long as Nato keeps us free from the same evil that might soon come from the Islamic Republic of Iran».

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