Christian Embassy director: «The US policy on Jerusalem is an absurdity»

«US policy on Jerusalem has long been a morass of legal absurdity. For an American citizens born here, the US State Department simply stamps their passports as «Jerusalem» refusing to also designate it as being in «Israel».

Christian supporters of Israel have established an Chrustian Embassy in Jerusalem
In 1980, Christian supporters of Israel established an Christian Embassy in Jerusalem

David Parsons is the Media director in the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, and an American Citizen.

«Its an astonishing fact that Washington has never recognized any part of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Though US officials meet with their Israeli counterparts there all the time, even the predominantly Jewish western side of town has never been granted de jure recognition».

Is a special appeal for Christians all over World to support Jerusalem as the non-dividable capital of Israel, Parsons write:

«This position has essentially granted the Arabs a veto over the US power of recognition, when in turn influences the views of other nations worldwide regarding the Israeli capital. And the sad truth is that the longer the “Question” of Jerusalem has been left open, the larger that question has become. It has reached the point that claims which did not even exist before the city’s reunification in 1967 are now attaching to her, and Jerusalem has become the capital of everyone else except the Jews».

Media director David Parsons
Media director David Parsons

Capital of the Arab world? Capital of Islam?

«The Arabs and Muslims had centuries to make Jerusalem their capital, but never did. It was always considered a ‘backwater’ provincial town when in Arab or Muslim hands, as evidenced by the fact that only one Muslim ruler visited Jerusalem during the two decades it was in Jordanian hands from 1948 through 1967».

«The city has truly been the capital of only one nation – the Jewish commonwealth – based on an historical, spiritual and cultural attachment that dates back 3,000 years. Sure, it served as the capital of a short-lived Crusader kingdom, but no matter what Fatah says, there are no Christians seriously clamoring to revive that claim today – at least not yet».


One thought on “Christian Embassy director: «The US policy on Jerusalem is an absurdity»

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