«Jewish approval of settlement freeze is accepting they are obstacles to peace»

Any decision to freeze any settlement activity would be an acknowledgement by Israel that these Jewish communities are an obstacle to peace.

Zionist and settler Shaul Goldstein has earlier tried to show the right path also for former US President Jimmy Carter
Zionist and settler Shaul Goldstein has earlier tried to show the right path also for former US President Jimmy Carter

This is a statement by Shaul Goldstein, who is the Gush Etziyon Regional Council head. Also mayor Ran Nachman in the Jewish township Arial in Samaria calls the proposed settlement freeze for «stupid» and a «matter of life and death».

«My fear is that is the world will understand from this that even Netanyahu and the right wing believe that the settlements are temporary», Goldstein said.

«It’s easy to press Israel to freeze settlement activity, but it contributes nothing to the peace process. If Palestinians can live in Israel, then Jews should be able to live in Judea and Samaria», said Goldstein, particularly given the historical connection Jews had to the land.

Their weeklong visit came as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced that he would place a moratorium on housing projects in the settlements, but only after he first approved hundreds of new homes.

Ariel Mayor Ran Nachman warned that the township of Arial has to grow from below 20.000 people today, to 35,000 people because of a housing shortage.

«Hillary Clinton has put pressure on the prime minister to comply with this demand. Such an obvious attempt to interfere with Israeli policy would backfire», the mayor warned.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

If we apply the same US promoted logic on the state of Israel, as they use on the so-called West bank, than two million Arab Israelis will have to leave the Jewish state. Simply because there will be a forced «settlement freeze» in Israel on everyone who is not Jewish. When there will be no new flats for their children, and no new schools built, their «settlements» will vanish.

This kind of solution, if promoted by Israel would have created an up roar in the International community, who would have claimed Israel to be a racist state, based up on an Apartheid way of thinking.

When the so-called free and democratic World wants to force such a solution up on the Jewish people living in a Muslim majority area of Israel, it is no longer racism and Apartheid?

This «peace plan» is utter foolishness, and an expression of the cruel and massive pressure all nations on Earth are putting on the present Israeli Government.

The International community walks and talks like Israel today is a «Muslimrein» nation, a state made free for Muslims by a «genocidal» government. Nothing is further from the truth.

The Global Media is committing a crime against humanity by telling six billion people on Earth lies about the Jewish people and the state of Israel. The media is silently omitting that there are two million Muslims living as citizens of the Jewish homeland. With Israeli passports and full voting rights.

In the Muslim World, Jews do not even get a visa to enter. Thats racism. Thats Apartheid.

2 thoughts on “«Jewish approval of settlement freeze is accepting they are obstacles to peace»

  1. The LORD GOD of Israel has ordered me to lead his chosen people home. Judaea is the chosen place for us to live. 389 thousand people will be coming as he leads us. We are going to rebuild Judaea and have land, homes and farm for us to live. The LORD GOD JEHOVAH the GOD OF ISRAEL is his name, according to PSALM 83;18, That men may know that HIS NAME ALONE IS JEHOVAH is the MOST HIGH GOD OVER ALL THE EARTH. JEHOVAH has chosen me as his high priest like in the order of Malchezadeck. We will be bringing our things with us ASAP to rebuild and to live and to possess the land with our brothers and sisters who were grafted out so that we could be grafted in. He that hath an ear let him hear what the scriptures is saying, they all shall be grafted back into the kingdom of the most high of all the earth. JEHOVAH said the rebellious shall be put to death no more of what Moses had to go through.

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