Norway wants it to be easier for suicide bombers to enter Israel

The Norwegian Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen wants to boycott a company that helps Israel to keep suicide bombers away from Jewish populated areas.

Finance Minister Kristian Halvorsen is also the president of the Socialist party of Norway
Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen is also the president of the Socialist party of Norway

Friday, the state owned Norwegian Investment Fund was restricted by the Norwegian Government from investing in the Israeli company Elbit Systems.The explanation from the Norwegian Finance Ministry, is that this company «had been dropped from the country’s pension fund investments due to ethical concerns regarding its work on the structure of the security fence in Israel».

The Norwegian Christian Daily «Dagen Magazinet» exposes what kind of «non ethical work» Elbit Systems had been doing on the security fence. The company have sold a Video surveillance system, that can monitor potential illegal immigrants crossing into Israel. During the two intifadas, such illegal crossings would include Islamic Suicide bombers, mowing into Jewish colonies to slaughter women and children.

Elba system has not have anything to do with the building of the security fence, neither have the company had any thing to do with the controversial chosen path of the fence. But still the company have been found worthy of being boycotted by the Norwegian Government.

Source: AP, Jerusalem Post and Norwegian Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet».

My comment:

Its not always easy to find out what is going on inside a crocked mind. Not even inside the head of ministers. But you have to have a pretty crocked mind, to be able to spend time to look for people you want to punish, and held responsible, for something of which they are absolutely innocent.

Elba system is a good example.

if the Norwegian Government wants to boycott Israel, it would be must more honest to target the people who are responsible for building the security fence. Like the Israeli Minister of Defense, or the Chief of staff of the Israeli army. Norway should refused to participate in Nato operations, as long as Nato and Israel together hold joint military exercises to overlook peace and security of the Middle East.

As long as Norway gives its approval of strengthen the Israeli Military in battlefield training with Nato forces, the Government of Norway becomes hypocrites. By simply harming a company who delivers non-combat equipment to the same Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

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