Arab Palestinian girl discover a peaceful and normal Jewish homeland

«The Arabs and Jews in Israel talk to each other, like it’s normal. I thought it was really strange. We don’t ever talk to Jewish people at home»

Birthright RePlugged guide speaks to Arab Palestinian youths during their visit to the ruins of old Arab market near Lod near (Photo: Reuters)
Birthright RePlugged guide speaks to Arab Palestinian youths during their visit to the ruins of old Arab market near Lod near (Photo: Reuters)

This is a statement of an Arab Palestinian child, 14-year-old Haneen al-Nakhla. It is recorded by the global news agency Reuters. She is a part of a group of Arab children from the so-called West Bank, who have given a holiday to see the rest of Israel.

The child goes on to say:

«We had no idea how many Jewish people there would be. There are more than Arabs»

She and the other children are puzzled to see Israelis who are neither soldiers carrying weapons, or settlers, who also tend to be armed.

The amazing statement from Haneen al-Nakhla, has to be put to light. In her school she has been told that the Jews are evil, and that the state of Israel is full of people who hate Arabs. The moment she was allow to see and experience the truth for her self, her spirit rejoice. In stead of cursing Israel, she praises the Jewish nation.

Here statement was not what the organizers expected. Haneen al-Nakhla is a part of a program called «Birthright Replugged». It is partially funded by the Carter Center’s Peace Program, founded by former U.S. president Jimmy Carter. It takes groups of 20 Palestinian children into Israel twice yearly.

Source; Reuters.

My comment:

«Birthright Replugged» is basically promoting an Islamic demand, that millions of claimed to be Palestinians refugees shall be given the «right of return». But Haneen al-Nakhla`s statement gives us the reason to ask the following questions:


Shall the same Islamic darkness that covers the PA-areas on the so-called West bank be allowed to fall up on the rest of Israel?

What was it that opened Haneen al-Nakhla heart and mind? Was it the education she have received in Ramallah or Hebron, or was in the truth she now have experienced?


If millions of Palestinians have been indoctrinated to hate the Jewish nation, what will happen the day they are allowed to export their lies, hate and violent political agenda into the areas of Israel with a Jewish majority?


Why do the United States and the European Union spend hundred of millions of dollars in support of educations programs that tells lies about the Jewish people, denying the historical Jewish roots to the city of Jerusalem, and falsifying historical facts about the Jewish homeland?


Will hundreds of thousands of children like Haneen al-Nakhla ever be told the truth?

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