Police deal with volatile Muslim prayers in Jerusalem

An Israeli police officer was wounded and five Palestinian Arabs were arrested as some 90,000 Muslims poured into Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday to hold the first major annual Ramadan prayers atop the Muslim-occupied Temple Mount.

Muslims in prayer just outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Muslims in prayer just outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Israel actually loosened restrictions on the event this year, despite eruptions of anti-Jewish violence in years past. This year, Palestinians from both eastern Jerusalem and Palestinian-controlled areas over the age of 50 were able to enter the Temple Mount freely. Additionally, Palestinian Arabs who were not residents of Jerusalem were allowed to enter if they obtained a special permit.

Police were able to quell or head off several instances of violence, leading to the five arrests. One of the detained men was taken into custody after police officers found a large knife in his possession.

The only instance of open violence occurred when an Arab resident of the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiya attacked an Israeli police officer who tried to search him before allowing him entry to the Old City. The officer was lightly wounded in the altercation.

Source: The Israeli Magazine: Israel Today.

2 thoughts on “Police deal with volatile Muslim prayers in Jerusalem

  1. The Muslim-occupied Temple Mount… this is the funniest thing I have EVER heard!

    Was Solomon Jewish? Was David?

    When was Judaism “revealed?”

    If you know the answer (hint: Moses!) then you will KNOW that the Israelites were anything BUT Jewish!

    And if ANYONE has a claim to the Temple of Solomon, it is Muslims for they regard Solomon AND David highly in their faith and in their Quran!

    Thank you also for proving that Israel is an Apartheid state.



    1. Dear ATW


      I guess you know that the Quran does not mention Jerusalem. Not even once. That is funny, since the religion of Islam is based up on the Quran. And since you claim Moses was not Jewish: Who were the people who were taking captive in Egypt? Arabs persecuting and killing other Arabs?

      Well it is possible. Because the wicked religion of Islam does the same thing today. Muslim brothers shouting Allah is great, and blowing up mosques and slaughtering their own brethren, including women and children.

      Open your eyes, ATW. Islam is a curse, and you have put a curse up on your own head. The Jews have brought in blessings to the World. And only by loving and blessing the Jewish people who brought the Messiah into this World, you will find the truth.

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