Shimon Peres: Hizbullah again turns Lebanon into a war zone

The President of Israel insists there are 80.000 rockets pointing at Israel from Lebanon. Last Sunday Shimon Peres is quoted saying that Hizbullah is to blame for turning the region into a war zone, and that Israel do not want to fight in Lebanon again.

Hasan Nasrallah is Dr.death for the Lebaneese people.
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah is Dr.death for the Lebaneese people, about to bring more suffering, hate and violence to the region.

This is a statement by the President of Israel, Shimon Perez. The former Labour party politician is consider a dove in regards to the stalled peace process in the Middle East, still he warns Lebanon that a new war is looming.

Last Sunday President Shimon Peres told the Kuwaiti daily Al Rai on Sunday.

«Israel knows that Hizbullah has 80,000 rockets». He noted that this represents a tripling of Hizbullah’s arsenal since the Second Lebanon War in summer 2006. Peres added that Hizbullah was to blame for turning Lebanon into a war zone and that Israel didn’t want to fight in Lebanon again and would work to solve disputes with its northern neighbors through negotiations.

«We don’t seek any political role in Lebanon and in the past we had a good relationship with all of its faith groups», said Peres.

Source: The Israeli Magazine Israel Today.

My comment:

For what do Lebanon have to point 80.000 rockets towards Israel?

Whats is the purpose?

Do Israel have any rockets pointing towards Lebanon?

The people of Lebanon has been crippled by Radical Islam. Again they are putting a curse up on their own head. If there ever should have been a single rocket on Lebanese soil, this should should have been pointing towards Syria.

Shimon Peres has reasons for being worried, and warns Lebanon.
Shimon Peres has reasons for being worried, and warns Lebanon.

The rockets in Lebanon have not fallen down from Heaven. They have come from Syria. That is the so called «peace loving nation», that the US, European Nation and United Nations wants to force Israel to have as a peace partner.

And even worse. Before 1967, the Jewish nation was acustommed to rocket fire into Israel from the Golan Hights. These rockets was primitive, killing a few people, but did not do much damage. Since Syria now have put up 80.000 more advanced rockets on the Northern border of Israel, what makes you think that these rockets will not end up on the liberated Golan Hights , if this small peace of Jewish land is given back to the rocket loving Islamic regime in Damascus?

Brethren. Reject the foolishness of the World, and stand up, and support Zionism and the state of Israel.

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