Israeli lawyer sues «Aftonbladet» in New York court

Editor Jan Hedin has legal trouble coming his way «The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet is sold, distributed and represented in New York. I will take them to court.  It’s something Goebbels would have written».

Editor Jan Hedin in Aftonbladet
Editor Jan Hedin in Aftonbladet

This is a statement by Israeli lawyer Guy Ophir. He has filed a lawsuit against the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet over an article it published in which IDF soldiers were accused of harvesting organs from Palestinians.

«It’s something Goebbels would have written» Ophir told The Jerusalem Post. He said he filed the suit in New York because the newspaper had representatives there. The paper is also distributed in New York.

Israeli Lawyer Guy Ophir
Israeli Lawyer Guy Ophir

The 7.5 million USD suit, which names the paper and writer Donald Bostrom, was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday, according to Ophir, who said the article’s allegations were anti-Semitic and amounted to «racist blood libel» against Jews and Israeli soldiers.

Calling the article «very dangerous» Ophir said the article was «totally libelous» As a retired IDF soldier who served in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Ophir said the article’s claims were medically impossible. «Those things that are stated in the article never happened», he said.

On Monday, the editor-in-chief of Aftonbladet denied accusations that he was anti-Semitic. «I’m not a Nazi», Jan Helin wrote in a blog post.«I’m an editor-in-chief who has allowed the publication of a culture article because it asked a number of relevant questions».

Source: Multiple media.

2 thoughts on “Israeli lawyer sues «Aftonbladet» in New York court

  1. I think the rookie lawyer should have done some research before being blinded by Dollar signs.

    in Israel today there is an amazing tolerance at official levels toward outlawed “transplant tourism,” which is organized through a local business corporation in conjunction with a leading transplant surgeon, operating out of a major medical center not far from Tel Aviv. Mr. D., the head of “the company” (as transplant patients call it), has developed links with transplant surgeons in Turkey, Russia, Moldavia, Estonia, Georgia, Romania, and (most recently) New York City. The cost of the “package” increased from $120,000 in 1998 to $200,000 in 2001 and, with the pressure from transplant candidates to develop links in more developed countries, the cost is still rising. The transplant “package” covers: the rental of a private plane (to accommodate a group of six patients, each accompanied by a family member, the Israeli doctors, and the business coordinator; the “double operation” (kidney “extraction” and kidney transplant); the kidney and the “donor” fee (the donor is usually paid no more than $5,000); the “fees” paid to bribe airport and customs officials; the rental of private operating and recovery rooms and OR staff; and hotel accommodations for accompanying family members. The covert operation (in both senses of the term) is accomplished in five days. Day 1: on site pre-operative rests and dialysis; days 2 and 3: the operations (two or three patients per night, depending on the size of the group); days 4 and 5: on site recovery and the flight home.

    The specific country, city, and hospital sites of the illicit surgeries are kept secret from transplant patients until the day of travel. Meanwhile, the sites are continually rotated to maintain a low profile. The surgeries are performed between midnight and the early morning hours. In the most common scenario, Israeli patients and doctors (a surgeon and a nephrologist) fly to a small town in Turkey on the Iraqi border, where the kidney sellers are often young Iraqi soldiers or guest workers. In another scenario, the Israeli and Turkish doctors travel to a third site in Eastern Europe, where the organ sellers are unemployed locals or guest workers from elsewhere.

    The passivity of the Ministry of Health in refusing to intervene and crack down on this multi-million dollar business, which is making Israel something of a pariah in the international transplant world, requires some explanation. First, in the absence of a strong culture of organ donation and under the pressure of angry transplant candidates, each person transplanted abroad is one less client with which to contend.

    1. Dear John.


      Thanks for this reflective and informative comment.

      The dispute is not about Israelis, or Americans, purchasing organs for transplant. Thats is global business, and rich people of every nation is a part of it. Right or wrong.

      The issue is a Swedish newspaper claiming that IDF soldiers kills Palestinians to steal their organs. That is an old blood libel, that has been attached to the Jewish people since the Middle Ages, and reached its hight in Nazi-Germany.

      I am not a medical doctor, but I have read some reports in this issue. The moment the central body is harmed by a bullet, the central body parts will most likely be unfit for a transplant. The very fact that there is not a doctor present at the «killing», will not make it possible for the soldier to make the surgery. He cant just cut it off with his kitchen knife.

      Most of the donors that sell organs get them from people who dies of cancer, or died a natural death. Even from accidents, where the vital organ has not been harmed.

      I India, regular theft of body parts take place during surgery inside Hospitals. The doctor doops the client, most of them poor Indians who can not read or write. They have been given some money, and told they would be a part of a medical experiment. Such body parts are laid on dry ice, and transported to the Up town Hospital where the rich client are «residing». The majority of them citizens of Muslim nations in the Middle East, who are visiting India as a part of this racket.

      So please do make this an issue of «Jews». On this issue, they are just like all of us.

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