«Israel is the aggressor and perpetrator of war crimes».

Desmond and Tutu Christine Chinkin have a record of pasing judgment on Israel
Desmond and Tutu Christine Chinkin have a record of pasing judgments on Israel, prior to proper investigation of claims and accusations against the Jewish nation.

This is a statement of Christine Chinkin, who is a law professor at London School of Economics. The British newspaper Sunday Times published a letter with her statement given in January, during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

This kind of statement in not unusual. But what makes this statment from Chinkin, rather special, is that she after the statement, decieded to accepted to become a member of the U.N. fact-finding mission, who was going to into alleged violations in the recent Gaza conflict.

Since she, whitout lisening to the viewpoints of both sides, seems to have already made up her mind that Israel is guilty of war crimes, this would exclude her from being part of any kind of valid independent investigation.

Hillel Neuer is the executive director of UN Watch and an international lawyer. She has the following message to professor Christine Chinkin.

«The U.N. fact-finding mission into alleged violations in the recent Gaza conflict is being asked to disqualify London School of Economics law professor Christine Chinkin, over prior statements she made categorically rejecting Israel’s right to self-defense against Hamas rocket attacks, and accusing Israel of aggression and prima facie war crimes».

My comment:

That an uneducated person dont know the difference between right and wrong, can be excused. That a law professor at London School of Economics, does no respect the basic fundation of law and honest investigations, if a sign of how wicked and evil our days have become.

When it comes to the state of Israel, and the Jewish people, the top people in United Kingdom has an atitude of anything goes. We can accuse the Jewish nation of anything, and do not have to face any consequence.

Hopfully the fall from grace, would not harm Christine Chinkin. She just have to issue an apology for pasing judgment on the state of Israel, without giving the leadership in Israel the chance to plead their case.

To jump to conclusions based on false testimonies, lies and half-truths, is not what we expect a law professor to indulge in.